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The Protest of the Hard Labor Workers in Shanghai
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"What do you want? Contracts, when do we want it? Now!‘ were the chanting of the rioting factory workers as they marched to the beat of sticks on plastic buckets as they tossed over several cars allegedly owned by some of the managers of the factory. The strike that forced the factory to shut down had started early in the morning and went on to last most of the day. The hard labor workers were protesting the working conditions of…...
Shanghai Disneyland theme park
Words • 522
Pages • 3
Shanghai Disneyland, China's largest theme park, has also been severely affected by the outbreak. In order to reduce the spread of the epidemic, Shanghai authorities decided to close, but the trouble with this is ahead of many tourists bought tickets for the Disney park on the day of the closed or close stage, can't use and not cheap Disney tickets for consumers is a huge loss, Shanghai Disneyland officials did not solve this kind of problem in the first time, when…...
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