Shanghai Disneyland theme park

Shanghai Disneyland, China’s largest theme park, has also been severely affected by the outbreak. In order to reduce the spread of the epidemic, Shanghai authorities decided to close, but the trouble with this is ahead of many tourists bought tickets for the Disney park on the day of the closed or close stage, can’t use and not cheap Disney tickets for consumers is a huge loss, Shanghai Disneyland officials did not solve this kind of problem in the first time, when the customer’s complaints increase, problem is more and more serious.

Shanghai Disney officials just issued a notice about the refundable tickets. But another problem arises, the refund of large area is relatively independent and complex work, according to the common sense, Shanghai Disney officials should be added in the official APP relevant refund separate options for guests refund and the items of full-time departments to deal with a refund, but Shanghai Disney officials did not make any move, instead of letting customers leads to a were tricked into feeling, which not only seriously affected the customers in the consumer Disney products experience, but also caused great influence to the Disney brand reputation.

The airline industry and hotel industry have been proactive in assisting with refund measures in this particular situation, with tickets and hotels charged in full and refunded to the guest’s payment account as quickly as possible. When visitors enjoy convenient and efficient services, Disney’s related service flaws are highlighted.

Further angering customers are the unreasonable terms of the Shanghai Disneyland ticket contract, which states that many factors are non-refundable.

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Because of the existence of these terms, even if customers go to the relevant departments to complain, but also can not get a satisfactory solution. Finally, Shanghai Disney officially issued a refundable announcement, but it was also under the pressure of public opinion, so it had to change the plan and agree to refund. This is why Shanghai Disney is very slow in refunding tickets. The failure to make relevant emergency plans and the lack of ability to deal with emergencies led to the emergence of new difficulties while the public opinion could not be calmed down.

Generally speaking, for enterprises, the reason for the slow refund is that every refund needs a lot of work to review, which is undoubtedly the reason for the long cycle and slow speed. Refunds may involve multiple departments in the company, not a single department can be solved independently, unless the company sets up a special and independent department to deal with such specific matters. As Disney has not faced similar situations in the past, processing speed is necessarily relatively low. Every refund involves the problem of money, the workload of the accounting department is bound to increase, not to mention many orders and a large amount of refund.

The incident was disastrous for shanghai Disneyland, but it wasn’t a bad thing.With the corresponding crisis management skills, the case of Shanghai Disney has served as a warning and reference for Disney parks around the world.



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