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Compilation Of Quran
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The second collection is the standard co ex that is followed today, which comes from the compilation made by Autumn Although there are some variations about the details this account Is not In dispute wealth the Muslim world. Early efforts by Muslim scholars to establish the sequence of the revelation, particularly the verses revealed at Make and those revealed at Indiana, were emulated by Western scholars, who focused on similar problems, though drawing different conclusions from the narratives mentioned above.…...
Beth El Zedeck Service
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I attended a Jewish service with one of my close friends in his home town over Thanksgiving break. The service was on a Saturday morning Shabbat service at Temple Beth El Zedeck. My friend said that this was the temple that had known growing up, it is also where he had his Bar Mitzvah. Before we went to the service, he had told me that this temple is considered as Reconstructionist synagogue. He told me that it is similar to…...
Differences between Puritanism and The Revolutionary Period
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Earthly affairs are of no importance; emphasis based on the hereafter Puritanism Worldly affairs are most important; "Eyes lowered from heaven to earth" Revolutionary Theology is most important Puritanism Politics is most important Revolutionary Individual man is unimportant Puritanism Man's freedom and individualism begin to gain importance Revolutionary Man has no power; he is helpless without God's will Puritanism Man has the power to reason, a power that separates him from the beasts Revolutionary God predestines individuals to be either…...
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