Compilation Of Quran

The second collection is the standard co ex that is followed today, which comes from the compilation made by Autumn Although there are some variations about the details this account Is not In dispute wealth the Muslim world. Early efforts by Muslim scholars to establish the sequence of the revelation, particularly the verses revealed at Make and those revealed at Indiana, were emulated by Western scholars, who focused on similar problems, though drawing different conclusions from the narratives mentioned above.

For the purpose of this paper, I will be critically analyzing and discussing the introversion around the compilation of the Quern as exists today, discussing the early and modern debates regarding the compilation.

Meanwhile I will explore the events that led to the compilation of the Quern as a written text. From an oral Tradition to a written text The word Quern means “recitation” assuming that this was originally verbal or spoken.

Prophet Muhammad biography (Solar literature) confirms the nature of the revelation, acknowledging the oral tradition as well as its codification in verses (Donned, 2006).

Regarding ten time when ten Quern was written tender was no use AT vowels or diacritical mints, and therefore the meaning of words are liable to misconception and misused restating. S CALIGULA 3 The script was improved and uniformed at the end of the ninth century (Watt, 1997; Motif, 2006). The Quern compilation – During the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad or after?

How Was Quran Compiled

The Quern as we know it today is a complete collection of God’s words in a written format, revealed to Prophet Muhammad over the 23 years of his Prophecy (610- 632) (Donned, 2006; Armstrong, 2006).

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Some scholars believe that the Quern was written and compiled d ring the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad; others argue that it happened ears after His death (Moderates, 1993; Burton, 1997). Moderates (1993) affirms that Prophet Muhammad compiled a written scripture during his lifetime.

Furthermore he claims that the Prophet himself personally instructed the scribes where to insert new passages as He was receiving revelations. He also claims that are some evidences of the Quern itself that parts of earlier revelations were deliberately exclude deed by the Prophet in the scripture. Also according to Burton (1997) the Quern was written and c implied by the Prophet. He states that the necessity to exclude the Prophet as the author of this immolation was to Justify the existence of different versions and interpretations of the e text.

These scholars assuming that the Quern was written and compiled during the Prophet’s lifetime can be challenged through the following questions. The fact that there was n o need to have a formal document once the word of the Prophet was the true source and the a authority. He was the guide and proper interpreter of what was being revealed. Another argue .NET is the fact the revelation was an ongoing process, with verses being added and some others abrogated. So it can be suspicious to state that the Prophet id the compilation before His death as a complete and formal collection (Moderates, 1993).

Also the fact that the Pr poppet was illiterate, as it is mentioned in the Quern several times, is sometimes disregard d (Gillian, 2006; Aslant 2005). There are however some other scholars that argue that there was no codification during the Prophet’s Lifetime (Imaging, 1916; Waynesboro, 1977; Inherited, 2006). In the Prophet’s time He would recite the Curran to his followers, who would memorize his words verb Tim and then recite it back to the Prophet. Therefore, the Curran would only be kept in the mi ends and

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Compilation Of Quran
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