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Research to Achieve Her Personal Interests
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Dear Sir or Madam: I can only offer the highest recommendation for Racha Cherradi to support her application for admission to your University. Racha has a deep passion for science and is one of the few exceptionally brilliant interns that I have encountered in my career as a Radiologist and Professor. During the summer of 2018, Racha was actively seeking new opportunities that support her love for science. Her vacation to Morocco became an exploration for pursuing her personal interests.…...
Digital Imaging and Informatics Requirements
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The importance of privacy and security of information is an area that needs extra attention in the people and process components of any installation. Depending on the local legal environment, image data encryption should be considered if images and data are sent outside the LAN. User account management is needed to address: security issues; practical implementation — timely access to accounts; user name and password regimens; user authentication and external access issues. Technical capabilities Medical imaging requires the combination of…...
The Cross Training Care
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Doctors rely on the Radiologists and Radiologic Technicians to diagnose their patients by using medical imaging. But with employees leaving, the hospitals are left with money issues and rough times with the staffing. The most challenging aspect in the radiology department and management can be the people; the hospitals are facing issues with staffing. Since, there is not enough staffs onsite, the employees have to work harder and make the imaging and diagnose decisions on their own. Therefore, it led…...
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St. John Health System
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Is a fully integrated healthcare organization encompassing seven hospitals in northeastern Oklahoma and southern Kansas (St. John Health System). St. John Medical Center began with a 50 bed hospital in 1926 and now it encompasses more than 800 primary care and specialist physicians and 7,000 employees. St. John Health System comprises Oklahoma’s only ACS Level II trauma center and northeastern Oklahoma’s only stroke center certified by Joint Commission. St. John Medical Center was recently ranked the number one Oklahoma hospital…...
Alternative in Remote Teleradiological Presence
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However, when this is not feasible, off-site teleradiology presence can be considered a real alternative in many cases. Such a service can also support services delivered by on-site radiologists. In such teleradiology applications, there will be appropriate involvement of the off-site radiologists with the local department regarding operational matters, imaging protocols and consultations in addition to the reporting of studies.  Radiographers and Imaging Technological Medical radiographers will be appropriately qualified, according to the requirements of Tanzania standard. Relevant focused imaging…...
A Glimpse Into Life
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Computed Tomography, MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound, and regular x-rays are all different diagnostic exams that fall under the branch of Radiology. During this experience, I will work with The Pink Monarch, operated by Dr. Marseea Howard, and experience what it is like to handle serious situations such as the ones presented in this field. I became interested in this topic when I became very sick, and the doctor believed that my kidney might have ruptured, so they performed an ultrasound on…...
Type of Cancer Treatment “Radiation Therapy”
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A radiation therapist is one of many jobs that fall under the major of radiology. A Radiation therapists is a professional that work with CAT scans, X-rays and Cone beam computed tomography before the process of radiation occurs. These specialists carry out treatments created by radiation oncologists and dosimetrists. Radiation therapy is a very hands on and personal occupation. The doctors will get the same patients week after week, month after month. Doctors become close with their patients and it…...
Incidents That Happened Through the Development of Radiology
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Technology has helped the growth of radiology but there have been many incidents when dealing with radiation. It all started with the “Tickling the Tail of the Dragon” where two scientists were exposed to lethal doses of radiation while performing experiments. More severe safety procedures were applied until the second fatal radiation accident occurred. Even though more safety procedures were regulated, incidents still occurred. Ionizing radiation happens when the atomic nucleus of an unstable atom decays and starts releasing ionizing…...
What Are The Facilitating Developments That Have Allowed Health Care To Start Globalizing?
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What are the facilitating developments that have allowed health care to start globalizing?Essay Example on What Are The Facilitating Developments That Have Allowed Health Care To Start Globalizing? There are many factors that have allowed health care to start globalizing such as the high cost of medical care and health insurance in the United State,: advances in the communication technologies permit the information to be shared almost immediately from place to place: hospitals whit a very high quality are emerging…...
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What Are The Facilitating Developments That Have Allowed Health Care To Start Globalizing?
...In my opinion globalization of healthcare and globalization in general is a good thing. We can save money and time because patients whit low monetary resources can travel to receive medical treatment, doctors can send diagnostic procedures to other c...
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