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Investigation of Radiation from iPhone and Other Devices
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Introduction Statement of Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to determine how much radiation is emitted from different types of iPhones in both texting mode and calling mode, and at different distances. The control group is the iPhone X in calling mode from two centimeters away, the independent variable is the type of iPhone, and the dependent variable is the amount of radiation emitted. Background Research Radiation is energy radiated or transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves, rays,…...
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Research Project- Power Line Communication
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Introduction to Power Line Communication (PLC) The ideal communication mechanism is wireless as it does not need any cabling. However, it fails to meet all the applications. If the range between two communicating nodes is larger or there are obstacles like walls, ceilings, or floors the signal gets attenuated. Although, wireless networks are the most prevalent one it fails to accommodate environments where range and obstructions are present. In such scenarios, cable technology such as Ethernet is preferred but it…...
Microwave Oven
The Kitchen Revolution Brought on by the Microwave
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Pages • 5
A box-like stainless-steel enclosure. One face of the box has a door indicated by the handle and a semi-translucent glass window. Next to this door is an operating console, which is indicated by an array of buttons. The numbers 0-9 are included, as well as "start," "stop," and a variety of other functions. The buttons indicate how one would use and program different settings. Inside the door is a circular ceramic plate on a track that spins. A light turns…...
Microwave Oven
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Funding Decisions for Le Petit Chef’s Projects
Words • 819
Pages • 4
Le Petit Chef Case 1) What should Gagne do? Specifically, which projects should she fund and why? How should she handle the executive meeting? A fair assessment of the situation at Le Petit Chef is that there are far too many projects on the table. This overflow has led to missed deadlines and therefore missed profit. The gap between LPC and other microwave manufacturers is closing fast and action is required. Essentially, Le Petit Chef needs a cornerstone development. There…...
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