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Body Ritual Among the Nacirema
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Abstract This paper explores the culture of an Indian family throughout an observation. Throughout the paper, many topics of the culture will be discussed. This paper is focused on the group’s interactions and views on society. Readings from “Body Ritual among the Nacirema” and “Ethnocentrism” were used to support the views on the studied group of people. This paper will also seek to get to know about this Indian culture and rituals throughout a special event. Through learning and acknowledging…...
The Amusing Nacirema Body Rituals
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I initially found “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” to be amusing, especially upon realizing (with a little help from Wikipedia) that “Nacirema” is “American” spelled backwards and the hero “Notgnihsaw” is really “Washington. ” However, I couldn’t help but to be a little put off by Miners mocking approach even if it was written as an anthropological satire. Perhaps this was Miners point, but I felt that one could turn any custom or ritual upon its head with the right…...
Rituals of the Nacirema
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To most of us, hospitals are a place to help you when you’re in need or want to get healthy. But for the Nacirema, it’s quite the opposite. According to the Nacirema ritual article, they call hospitals a latipso, which is hospital spelt backwards without the ‘H’. They discuss and caricature the repulsive viewings on what they think goes on in hospitals (latipso’s), or what they think they do. I will now tell you how in Miner’s perspective, the body…...
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