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Legendary Chicago Bulls Player
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The Chicago Bulls have grown fame in their 52 years of being a team. They have had hundreds of professional players playing for them. The top of those players consisted of Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen. These 3 ringed players were key to the Chicago Bulls through the late 90s’ to the current 2000s’. The bulls were the only team to even get 70+ game wins in one whole season. During the 90s’ the bulls were the hottest…...
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An Example to Follow Michael Jordan
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Lost almost 300 games, missed more than 9,000 shots, was trusted in taking the game-winning shot twenty-six times, and missed. Kept failing over and over and over again. Although these were moments where his failure conquered his present for Michael Jordan, he did not let it affect him and kept on trying. Not only does he appear as an iconic figure for many people, but he also fulfills the characteristics of being an outlier. Based on what Malcolm Gladwell defined…...
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The Cultural Significance of Michael Jordan
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I will argue that Michael Jordan is culturally significant because he assembled the Chicago Bulls from the ground up; altering them into a very unstoppable team during the championship era, his loyalty and contribution to the game of basketball, and his brand. Michael Jordan is arguably the best basketball player to ever play the game. From drawing in over millions of fans to using his success to give back to the community. His importance is beyond the game of basketball…...
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Michael Jordan Basketball Shoe Brand
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Air Jordan is a brand of basketball shoes, clothes and accessories made by Michael Jordan that is produced by Nike. Jordan’s were released to the public in 1985, one year after Jordan wore them in his rookie year of his basketball career in 1984. Still to this day, the brand inspired by the greatest player of all time (not Lebron James) continues to shape the industry to create a bigger and/or better path to success and form a bridge for…...
BasketballBrandMichael Jordan
The Incredible Impact of Michael Jordan
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We all knew we were witnessing something special nobody had ever seen before. The greatest player ever born. Like there were the greats before [Michael Jordan], he took the torch and lit up the world. My son knew his entire name when he was three years old. He inspires kids, they want to learn his story, the history, the stats, and how he did it. And no one in sports has ever really done what he’s done with sports apparel…...
BasketballMichael Jordan
Why the United States is Competitive as a Society
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That America is the World’s super power goes without saying.  America has virtually dominated all fields from the military might and strength to agriculture, space exploration and other aspects that include sports, music, innovations, democracy and many other fields where the country scores highly. The country has reached a remarkable level that has seen it gain the super power status in a span of 3 centuries since its colonization.  Since its colonization in the 18th century the transformation that has…...
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Case Study Brand Jordan: Selling a Legend
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Case Study Brand Jordan: Selling a Legend Introduction March 2006 – Larry Miller, President of The Jordan Brand, finally had a few moments to relax. He sat in his office in the Jerry Rice Building at the Nike World Campus in Beaverton, Oregon, taking in the late afternoon sun. The latest advertising campaign was a success and sales were at an all-time high. But Miller knew that now was the time to plan for tomorrow’s success. He turned to the…...
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Why the United States is Competitive as a Society
...However the competitiveness and the quest for fame and wealth have equally wrecked the lives of many American sportspeople. There has been a general increase in cases of the use of anabolic steroids and other performance drugs that has continued to d...
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