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Fourty Million Dollar Slaves
Words • 1291
Pages • 6
Written by William C. Rhoden, 40 Million Dollar Slaves describes the compelling stories and accomplishments of legends such as Willie Mays, Jesse Owens Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson and more. Born in Chicago Illinois in 1950 Rhoden was a New York Times Columnist from 1983 until 2016 in which he retired. A former athlete himself Rhoden attended Morgan State University in which he played football and took part in the “Whitney Young Classic”. Upon completion of college William C Rhoden worked…...
Jesse Owens
Acceptable Language in Us Standup Comedy
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Pages • 7
Language that could be taken as stereotyping/racist in US standup comedy is mostly acceptable as long as its deliver in a way that people can make light of it. Audiences widely accept that in comedy the use of exaggerated stereotypes are acceptable for the sake of entertainment. One of the reason could be that even though they are extremely exaggerated in some cases they contain a grain of truth to them. Even though the ethnicity of the comedian plays a…...
Jesse OwensRacial Discrimination
Good Shoes Are a Treasure for Athletes
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Pages • 4
Germany is known for many things including football, the Nationalist Socialist party from the 1930 and 1940s, free college tuition( in some schools) the Automobile industry, Angela Merkel, and a very complex language. The list goes on and on. But they are also known for the famous “brand with 3 stripes”, Adidas.Who / What is Adidas?Adidas AG( Aktiengesellschaft) is the 2nd largest sportswear manufacturer in the world after Nike and the largest in Europe. Their net worth is about 19…...
Jesse OwensOlympic Games
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Race vs Race: Understanding the 1936 Olympics
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Pages • 13
Along with academics, sports have always been a way to improve the quest for perfection in human beings. Sports which is associated with physical prowess is also known to develop moral values, integrity, and courage. The Greeks idealized physical fitness and discipline and therefore, the first organized sports event may have been the Olympics held in Olympia in Greece in 776 BC. However, the Olympics, in their contemporary form, were re-started at the end of the nineteenth century in Greece.…...
Jesse OwensOlympic Games
Olympic Essay
Words • 762
Pages • 4
I believe this is both a true comment and a false comment. The fact that people are brought together through sport especially like the Olympics is true. The event does bring a mass of viewers around the world through TV and other commercial use and every 4 years there always seems to be a new face in the form of a country competing with the top countries in the so called “biggest sporting event in the world”. With this Baron…...
CommunicationCultureJesse OwensNazi GermanyOlympic Games
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