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Cane From The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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After doing some research, I decided to focus this paper on an accessory. The accessory I chose, is a walking stick from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The walking stick that I found, was specifically made in 1780 for Maximilian Franz, who was the youngest son of Empress Maria Theresa. It’s funny because you would assume that a walking stick’s use is presumably for the assistance for walking, but that wasn’t the main use during those times. Walking sticks originated…...
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Wounded Amazon Statue
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The following sample essay on Wounded Amazon Statue  I am going to discuss two pieces of art. The first piece of art is the marble statue of a Kouros (youth), the second is the marble statue of a wounded Amazon. Both of these pieces can be found in The Metropolitan Museum of Art which is in New York City. Going to the Met to actually see both of these sculptures really helped me see all the little details that pictures…...
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