A Comparison of the Website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as the MET, has a similar website to the Louvre as far as looks and quality. However, I would prefer to visit the MET because it is less expensive than the Louvre, and more friendly to tourists. For example, in the MET, tourists can plane to their visite before they go from the website. Because the website have all the information they need to know and the direction and they give you opyion if you go by your self or in group even they have plane for the Kids.

Ihe MEI museum ofrer a verity of event and programs tor all visitor and they publish all that in the calendar everyday.

In contrast, the MET is better than the Louvre because The visitor of the museum needs to first get a map to the museum. On the map the diferent sections of the museum are marked according to what part of history they represent.

Not all visitors to the museum know about the
different works of arts in the museum. Most will go through each section of the museum, regardless to whether t appeals to their interest or not. This may be fine for many, especially the tourists; however many will want to onily want to see most tamous objects in the museum due to the lack or tume to go through the whole of this massive museum. So the visitor will have to look at the map, check the ocation of a paricular object and go to it to see it.

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Ihe map only shows tne picture Or one important object per section without any description, so it assumes that the visitor knows about it. The visitor will then go to the object to only find out that the description is written in French. This is not very convenient to the toreign visito. There is a service in the museum to solve this. This IS in form of audio booKS. A VISitor is expected to depoSit 100 Euros or leave an lD on the counter when taking the audio book.

The audio book itself has a cost to it. However if a visitor arrives in the afternoon to the museum he will find that all audio books have been already taken due to their high demand. However even the audio books may not appeal to all the visitors, since they have a lot of material recorded on them wnich many wont even hear uniess having a tull day visit to the museum. Ihe non-rench speaking visitor will then either have to waste his money on an audio book or go through the museum in circles searching for “interesting” objects. This could have been solved only if the Visitor hada convenient way to find exactly what he wants with detailed intormation about it. Maps are not enough for that and audio books may be inconvenient to some people or even unavailable. However, only in the MET can a tourist easily understand the map and the research because ‘have general ll in english and most of the people speak and understand English and also information in different language which will help the visitors to understand and organize their visít not like the louVre museum all in french and not everybody can speak French.

Also, in the MET the visitor easly can visit the whole museum and understand the history of each art they see.and the most important part that they doesnt have to pay deposit to get the audio book. Both of them are famous and well known in allover the world except the louver museum located on the pariss. t is one of Paris’s many tourist attractions and contains about 300,000 works of art divided into seven sections. Founded in 1793, the LOuvre is the most visited museum in the world with nearly 6 million visitors each year. And The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located on the east side of Central Park, New York, NY The Metropolitan Museum of Art must rely on external sources of revenue, including interest on endowments, gifts, governmental appropriations, and grants, as well as internal sources of revenue from merchandising operations, auditorium rental, parking garage fees, restaurants, admissions, memberships, royalties, and fees to meet the enormous cost of providing programs and service, year-round, to millions of local, national, and international visitors.

In both museums, there are a lot of the collection of art but to see all arts in the louver museum you have to go too many days and that will cost you a lot. Otherwise in the MET it is possible to see the entir collection in one day and also they have the Museum Highlight Tour that is will help visitor to go througn everthing in one dayand that happen every day start at l0:15 a.m.

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