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Famous Monuments Uniting a Common Theme “Veneration of Veterans”
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For this Humanities II Project, I choose two famous monuments that share a comparative theme of Honoring Veterans. These artworks directly correlate with my chosen contemporary issue which states the excruciating timeless truth of nations that drive their soldiers into a war that can be ethically wrong. Both of the chosen works were erected in two different eras, both also have a contemporary expression of the hidden significance. Was the hidden agenda personal? Was the hidden agenda political? Comparing the…...
HumanitiesMaya Lin
Maya Lin Designed the Vietnam War Memorial
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In such a way that as you gradually walk downward toward the center point, the wall is ever growing taller until it almost doubles the height of the average human. I can see how her metaphor of slicing into the earth to express pain is relatable to every person. We all have felt the pain of some kind of loss in our lives and just like the earth at the memorial there may be a missing piece, but in time…...
Maya LinVietnam War
Artist On Bruce Nauman
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The made abstract art that seemed useless in many scenarios. One example of that is his work “Stairway 2000,” which was just regular stair going up and down a hill. His art closely resembles that of Marcel Duchamp in which he makes art that is useless and wouldn’t really have no benefit in using. But unlike Marcel Duchamp, Bruce Nauman was proud of his work and saw it as art and worth something to him. In Nauman’s, “Setting a Good…...
ArtistMaya Lin
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Jean-Daniel On Lissade
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Art is defined by the artist; usually it grows from common and uncommon insights, experiences and feelings. There are many different types of art, and ways to create a piece of art. Representational art is a depiction of what artists see in the physical world and Non-Representational art is the opposite, using forms that no one has ever seen. What an artist believes to be art is individual and creativity is comes from within. Kerry James Marshall is an African…...
ArtMaya Lin
The Life and Art of Maya Lin 
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Often times we ask ourselves how we manage to get everything done and keep our sanity. Maya Lin is a wonderful example of how to get things done right, both in her work and her personal life. She is a mother, artist, architect, and sculptor with one incredible goal. Lin hopes to use her art as a way to provoke meaningful thoughts and questions in the people around her. Lin wants to provide a safe place for thought without dictating…...
ArtLifeMaya Lin
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