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International Relations
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A decision to move the embassy is a fear to other nations as they think it will bring violence but to the Americans, they are focused on creating a better dynamism of peace that will unite both Palestine and Israelites. Americans are focused on bringing peace which has not been achieved over the years. The United States is not focused on the past painful experiences of the both Palestine and the Israeli. Its primary focus is about the future generation.…...
Religious Tourism
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Than 2,400 years ago to honor gods called Myogin, who were believed capable of performing miracles. At least five deities are now worshipped here: Susano-o mikoto; his wife, Kushinada-Hime; her parents; and the couple’s son. Lotus Temple, New Delhi Annual Visitors: 4.5 million The white lotus-flower-shaped Baha’i temple uses three layers of nine “petals” each to represent the world’s nine major religions and to accentuate the faith’s principles of peace, purity, and unity of all religions. At the base of…...
The Knights Templar
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The Knights Templar was a big organization of devout Christians who carried out important missions like protecting European travelers that were visiting sites in the Holy Land while also carrying out other military operations. The Poor fellow soldiers of Christ otherwise known as The Knights Templar was founded in the year 1119, and was active until the year 1312. After Christian armies captured Jerusalem from Muslim control during the Crusades in 1099, groups of pilgrims from across Western Europe started…...
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Construction of the Colosseum 
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Standing prominent over its surroundings, the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, is recognizable to the entire world. Its general structure can be seen influencing many modern stadiums; this venue was once host to epic battles as Roman crowds bellowed out chants for the favored opponent. What some do not know is that the Colosseum’s construction was integral to the advancement of construction practices; this structure coincided with the introduction of concrete as well as precast parts. Emperor Vespasian, the first of…...
The Muslim Empire
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The Muslim empire emerged as the largest and the most civilized empire ever known in the history. They had the power of mind-blowing ideas, not swords. Holy city of Mecca was the heart of the Muslim empire and was the central feature of devotion of Islam, as Muslims from all over the empire embarked on journeys to Mecca. Soon the ideas and cultures of the Muslims traveled back and forth the empire openly. Leading to the growth of trade because…...
The Conflict Between Palestine and Israel: A Problem Proposal
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Introduction Imagine a world where freedom of religion is nonexistent. Imagine a world where loved ones are dying to obtain freedom of religion. Imagine the birthplace of one’s savior was located within an area where one was not welcome. There are people in the world right now living this struggle; not imagining. The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has been unremitting. In this problem proposal paper, I will be addressing the issue between Palestine and Israel by including information about…...
Jesus Cleanses The Temple
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There are a few moments in the Synoptic Gospels where one is left wondering why something happened the way it did. Jesus cleansing the temple is one example of these questionable pericopes. In the context of Matthew, Jesus and his disciples have just entered the city of Jerusalem triumphantly and quite flamboyantly. This highly conspicuous entry into the main city of Judaism caused the entire city to go into a frenzy. This level of tension in the city could be…...
JerusalemMatthew ArnoldTemple
The Childrens Crusade
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This sample of an academic paper on The Childrens Crusade reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.James Millette Ms. Kelzer World History 11/28/11 By June, 1212 about 30,000 kids under the age of twelve had showed up to support and go on the journey to capture back the holy land. (Kreis, Steven) Even wealthy children had snuck outside of their families to join. The children’s crusade seemed like it…...
The Dark Ages in European History
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Introduction During the reign of the Roman Empire, Europe had advanced in terms of technology and literal work as well as education. During this time, civilization had boomed with many cities being built that facilitated structured formal civilization. During this time agriculture, economy and trade had boomed. It is also a time when literal work was at its peak during those ages. However, towards the fifth century, the roman army was loosing grip of the empire due to economic, political,…...
CivilizationCultureEuropeJerusalemMiddle AgesVirtue
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