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A decision to move the embassy is a fear to other nations as they think it will bring violence but to the Americans, they are focused on creating a better dynamism of peace that will unite both Palestine and Israelites. Americans are focused on bringing peace which has not been achieved over the years. The United States is not focused on the past painful experiences of the both Palestine and the Israeli. Its primary focus is about the future generation. The embassy is a symbolism of the close friendship between Israel and the United States.

Nikki Haley argues that Jerusalem being the home of Israel’s parliament, president, prime minister, Supreme Court, and many of its ministries, it is beyond any human conscience that they regard it as their capital. The Jewish community has for a long time been friends to the United States, and now the US citizens are pledging their loyalty to their longtime friends.

Nikki Haley’s speech states that the United States supports the peace hunt between the two Middle East nations; Israel and Palestine.

She even highlights instances before when peace treaties were signed in White House. To the United States alleging strong support towards Israelis is a clear indication that the United States was ready to burn the friendship bridges with Palestine which also claims ownership of the city.

This stance helps the United States know who their real friends are among the United Nations members to which most of its members are big beneficiaries of their donations and contributions.

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Nikki Haley further states that the United States of America is the most significant contributor towards the United Nations and its several organizations, its contribution should never be taken for granted. To any US citizen who pays tax, it is only rightful and satisfying for his government to follow up where this contribution goes and how it is being spent.

However, this United States’ push for Jerusalem being recognized as the capital of Israel by United Nations pulls some opposition as well. The sharp criticism of Nikki Haley’s speech towards the United Nations might bring bad faith among members. To bring peace in the violent prone region would not be brought by threatening other sovereign nations’ vote. Nikki Haley on United Nations voting says, “No vote in the United Nations will make any difference on that.”

Other member states might interpret such a statement as demeaning and chest-thumping. She continues highlighting how the United Nations has occasionally treated Israel unfairly against her neighbors. She even wonders how Israel is still a member of the United Nations. Such utterances are peace threatening considering the United Nations is the lead peace mediator between the two Middle East nations.

Nikki Haley’s speech fails to recognize that not every nation is as convinced as the United States of America why Jerusalem should be Israel capital. On the other hand, if also Palestine friends came out as well to her support, this would be a tag of war. This is not the peace path. Her speech keeps reminding other members that her country is the biggest contributor to the United Nations and this contribution should be respected. This contribution could be interpreted by other member nations as not given in good faith but to push its wishes through. Such intimidation did not only lose votes in support of United States move but also made the US lose reliable friends as well.

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