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High School Band Concert
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When I attended the Long County Middle School band concert I was surprised at what I had heard. The instruments included the clarinet, trumpet, flute, Saxophone, and many more. The sounds were outstanding to me because I hadn’t been to a live band concert in years. The saxophone really shocked me because due to the children being so young I’d think that that would be hard to play for them. The instruments altogether were so harmonic and soothing to hear.…...
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Why School by Mike Rose
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Opportunity for All Why School? By Mike Rose is a well written little book that raises big questions with our educational system today. Rose’s writing style is reflective , qualitative, and contextual by using a collection of essays, from his personal past, that transition smoothly and shows the reader the issues with the current educational system. Rose has 40 years of experience in teaching and traveled across the nation to observe the different teaching styles in different areas. He saw…...
High School Experience
Budget Cuts Led to School Mergers
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Executive Summary One of the biggest issues is that the Lakewood Public Schools are being neglected and due to huge budget cuts, many teachers were let go, leaving classrooms over-packed while being under staffed. However, there are presently 100+ Jewish Schools located within Lakewood Township alone, and many of them bus the children to, and from school. In some cases, they are only transporting 6 to 10 children at a time, since the Orthodox Jewish religion separates the males and…...
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Project Based Learning vs. High Stakes Testing
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Project Based Learning Versus High Stakes Testing In the United States, we are in an educational crisis situation. The 1980s began educational reform in America (Coley & Goertz). It continues today with the Common Core Standards. Not all children learn in the same way. We must address this in the field of education. What is happening to the students from low socioeconomic families who do not have the financial means to hire tutors for their children? Are children really learning…...
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The High School Experience 9-25-19
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Kirstan Trishell9/25/19The High School ExperienceIn life we all have something that was changed the way we perceive things. Most things that change a person’s perception happens to be an experience that they have gone through and learned from. In my case, it was high school experience. When people start high school, they’re usually excited. They can’t wait to experience everything that comes with being in high school, I mean who wouldn’t? Everyone says that high school is the best four…...
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Why School by Mike Rose
...Why school? By Mike Rose really grabs the audience’s attention through out the whole book by his interesting experiences in life. And as the reader, this book had me also thinking about my upbringing in school. It had me reflecting on my own storie...
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