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Free essays on Forensic Anthropology are academic papers or articles that discuss various aspects of the field, including the methods and techniques used to identify human remains, the history of the discipline, and its importance in the criminal justice system. These essays may also delve into topics such as forensic anthropology's ethical considerations, the role of forensic anthropology in mass disaster investigations, and the role of forensic anthropologists in court proceedings. Overall, free essays on Forensic Anthropology provide a useful resource for students, researchers, and professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of the field.
Forensic Anthropology and the Determination of Ancestry
Words • 1606
Pages • 7
Forensic Anthropologists aim to identify skeletal remains. Assessing ancestry can assist in the building of a biological profile and therefore provide a more specific pool of possible identifications. Currently, the United States primarily recognizes just a few ancestral groups in forensic anthropology to estimate an individual’s ancestry: African, European, and Asian/Native American. Hispanic populations are not as well documented, and the assessment of their ancestry is considered to be a more complex process (Hefner, Pilloud, Black, Anderson, 2015). A system…...
Forensic Anthropology
Forensic Anthropology: The Romanov Case
Words • 1928
Pages • 8
During the last Imperial ruling in Soviet Union Russia, the last family Romanov was murdered without any alarm or cause. The Romanov family consisted of five children, Olga who was twenty-two, Tatiana who was twenty-one, Anastasia who was seventeen, and Alexei who was only thirteen at this time. Their loyal servants such as their family doctor Mr. E. Botkin who was sixty-one at the time, their housemaid, Ms. A. Demidova who was only twenty, the cook I. Kharitonov who was…...
Forensic Anthropology
Identification by Facial Reconstruction
Words • 1795
Pages • 8
Out of the great number of faces that have been formed since the creation of the world, no two faces are alike and each face is unique. The Human face is one of the most important social tools. Human Facial reconstruction is an approach employs in the field of forensics, which is often used as a last resort to identify when a crime involves unidentified skeletal remains; it is a process of re-making the face of a person from the…...
Forensic Anthropology
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Anthropology: The Study of Humankind
Words • 1750
Pages • 7
Humankind is a complex subject matter that requires a vast array of knowledge in essentially what is known as Anthropology. The overall information in which anthropology attempts to cover is abundant, which is where the four subfields, biological, cultural, linguistic, and archaeology come in an attempt to explain the phenomena that is humans. Biological Anthropology, sometimes called physical anthropology, is concerned with studying the human species on an intimate level, focusing on its past and present evolution in an attempt…...
AnthropologyForensic Anthropology
Publication Forensic Skeleton Resurrection
Words • 409
Pages • 2
In the case study, “Dem Bones: Forensic Resurrection of a Skeleton”, a forensic anthropologist is called out to a crime scene. The forensic anthropologist is “Professor Thomas McCune who specialized in human remains and at the crime scene, he has presented a human femur, which was dug up by a dog” (Bruce 1). He was later shown that the rest of the body had been buried in a shallow grave that had been there for some time. They together tried…...
Forensic AnthropologySkeleton
Challenging Forensic Scientist’s Responsibilities
Words • 382
Pages • 2
Questions 1. What is forensic science? The application of science to the criminal justice system 2. What three tasks or responsibilities does a forensic scientist have? Three responsibilities of a forensic scientist are collect and analyze evidence, and train other law enforcement or officials in how to record and collect evidence 3. What criteria might be used to establish someone as an expert witness? Criteria used to establish an expert witness might be the person’s degrees, and the number of…...
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