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Free essays on Film Editing are available online and provide valuable insights into the art and craft of film editing. These essays typically cover topics such as the history and evolution of film editing techniques, the role of editing in storytelling, and the impact of technology on the craft of film editing. They also analyze the works of prominent film editors and their contributions to cinema. These essays are useful for film students, cinephiles, and anyone interested in learning more about the behind-the-scenes workings of filmmaking.
A Review of Finding Dory, a Movie by Pixar Studios
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When Pixar Studios first created Finding Nemo in 2003, the studio did not realize the movie would lead up to another success 13 years later. In June of 2016, Pixar Studios released the movie Finding Dory. The studio knew the movie would be a big hit, but they did not anticipate the huge success that the movie had. The quote by Dory, “Do you know how it feels to be looking for someone”, sets up what the entire movie is…...
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The Idea of Cutting a Film in In a Blink of an Eye, a Book by Walter Murch
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"In the Blink of an Eye" Reaction Paper Reading “In the Blink of an Eye” was a very inspiring experience; it made me want to go in and cut a film and experience all of the emotions involved in cutting a film. I appreciated Murch's approach fundamentally on the idea that editing is primarily an emotional experience. He kept going back to this idea throughout the book: technical editing is important but only through the idea that technical editing concepts…...
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