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Obtaining a Patent for Textile Equipment
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The Cotton Gin was Important (working title in progress)Def needs work On March 14, in or something else not of of 1794, inventor Eli Whitney was granted the patent for the Cotton Gin as a way to effectively and efficiently eliminate the seeds in cotton. The Cotton Gin played an important and triumphant role in South Carolina’s economy, as it established cotton as a cash crop for the entire South. Simultaneously, and tragically, the Cotton Gin prolonged slavery in this…...
Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney’s Good Invention
Words • 1732
Pages • 7
hey say that money makes the world go around, and this is completely true. Entrepreneurship is at an all time high especially in 2018. Entrepreneurs are self driven individuals that create and operate their own businesses. New inventions happen everyday, and without these amazing entrepreneurs the world would be extremely incomplete. All of the businesses that we currently had to start from somewhere. Entrepreneurs can help the world by growing the economy,creating more jobs, and by selling things that the…...
Cotton Gin
Short Story about the Development of the United States
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Numerous progressions occurred amid the American Revolution since changes of government, economy and land development. These progressions came to fruition in a wide range of ways, and the land development was a noteworthy piece of the development of the United States during this time. Land extension occurred in the United States through law-based purposes, military powers, and segregation. A noteworthy strategy that was utilized to broaden the borders was the Louisiana Purchase (pg. 277) in 1803. Thomas Jefferson settled on…...
Cotton Gin
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America Changes: Technologies and Inventions
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America benefited greatly with different types of technology used for transportation throughout the 1800s. Railroads, bridges, steamboats, roads and canals are some examples of the types of transportation used. Railroads allowed Americans to travel freely from coast to coast for a very cheap price and was an efficient way to move goods over long distances. The American Journey textbook says, “The railroads also played an important role in the settlement and industrialization of the Midwest. Fast, affordable train travel brought…...
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Short Staple Cotton
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The discovery of short-staple cotton was a major turning point not only in America’s economic history, but as well as utilization of slaves. Initially, the short-staple cotton variety had no commercial value as it had shorter cotton fibers, which reduces yarn and cloth quality, and fibers that were tightly attached to the seed, causing a longer time to separate the actual fiber from the seed without damaging it. On the other hand, the long-staple cotton fibers were exactly the opposite…...
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