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Why Choose The Social Work Profession
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Pages • 2
Although I have already worked in the corporate professional world for a few years, I am still anxious to step into the new environment of a hospital workplace where there is so much to learn. I am fearful of a patient asking me a question, to which I wouldn’t have an answer. There are social systems that are unfamiliar to me even in my own community. Before I have completed my two years of graduate school, I expect to understand…...
ChoiceExperienceJob DescriptionSocial Work
Essay Sample on Cardinalist and Ordinalist
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Pages • 6
SConcept of Utility * For effective decision-making, businessmen have to analyze and understand consumer behavior. Every rational human being endeavors to maximize his total utility by selecting the best from the given set of alternatives. * Utility refers to the satisfaction or pleasure that a consumer obtains by consuming the product or service; or want-satisfying ability of a good or service. * The concept of utility has been developed to explain the basic principles of consumer choice and behavior. Choice…...
Is Alcoholism A Disease Or A Choice
Words • 1776
Pages • 8
This sample paper on Is Alcoholism A Disease Or A Choice offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.Alcoholism: Disease or Choice? Danielle M Ellis WVNCC Abstract Webster’s New World Dictionary defines alcoholism as a chronic condition which is mainly characterized by excessive and compulsive consumption of and dependence on alcohol as well as nutritional and mental disorders. This definition depicts alcoholism as…...
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Is Rational Choice Theory Macro Or Micro
Words • 1431
Pages • 6
This sample essay on Is Rational Choice Theory Macro Or Micro offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below.Rational Choice Theory and Structural Functionalism: A Supplementation and Assimilation Great theories produce opposition in connection to their inconsistencies and while challengers may position the theory contra itself, followers tend to revise the theory in order to preserve it from dismissal. This usually occurs by broadening the original…...
ChoiceEthicsExperienceHuman NaturePhilosophical TheoriesSocial Structure
Research on Making A Right Choice
Words • 1116
Pages • 5
This sample essay on A Right Choice Essay offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below. I believe the research was valid, based on the answers from certain questions; although it lacked clarity in the hypothesis and vagueness in the questions asked. Despite lack of clarity in some questions, others were very direct and gave clear answers. A number stated that cost would influence their decision…...
ChoiceExperienceHuman NatureInterviewPsychotherapyResearch
My Choice To Study Optometry
Words • 654
Pages • 3
The following sample essay on my choice to study optometry has stemmed from my volunteer visit to the Sahajanand orphanage in Kenya. I learnt valuable lessons in empathy and patience, and truly understood the definition of privilege. The experience was not only rewarding but an eye opener to the struggles that children encounter in less developed countries. I was astounded by the number of children who were visually impaired as well as those who were developing or had already developed…...
Explain The Reasons Behind The Choice Of Media In A Successful Promotional Campaign
Words • 815
Pages • 4
There are many different forms of media choices starting from television, online e.g. YouTube going viral, social media such as Twitter and Facebook. You will need a target audience, target market such as what is the age market you are aiming for where are you going to advertise for example if you are aiming for the senior market you could probably advertising during coronation street. Where as if it was teenage market the best marketing place for that would be…...
Nothing we do can Change the Past but Everything we do Changes
Words • 589
Pages • 3
“Nothing we do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future,” said syndicated cartoonist Ashleigh Brilliant. Life is full of mistakes and regrets, but it is important to not dwell on the past and instead have a positive outlook on the future. Anyone can achieve their dreams, as long as they have motivation. Personal affirmations help create motivation by pointing out specific qualities that are desirable in order to strengthen them. I am a gracious, deliberative, and…...
ChangeChoiceFutureGoalsHuman NaturePersonality
Making a Choice: Goals in Life
Words • 827
Pages • 4
The following example essay on "Making a Choice: Goals in Life" talks about how life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you. Beginning from the time of birth until the time of death, people have to make choices on how to achieve goals in their lives. One can imagine life as long as a winding road with millions of other roads branching off in many directions. The only problem is that life is too short…...
Hobson’s Choice Summary
Words • 552
Pages • 3
Hobson makes the girls leave the shop and go into the rooms at the back. He wants to talk to Jim Heeler privately about his girls and his problems with them. He firstly complains that his daughters don’t respect him, that they regard him as a ‘windbag’. Jim advises Hobson to get his girls married and that he shouldn’t be too fussy as he has 3 to get married. Hobson is quick to point out that he doesn’t want Maggie…...
Six key ideas define the economic way of thinking 1] A choice
Words • 818
Pages • 4
Six key ideas define the economic way of thinking:1] A choice is a trade-offTrade-off is expressed as opportunity cost for the most chosen alternate possible outcome. In other word, trade-off is sacrifice made to get something. An example is choosing to spend money on either vacation or on buying cell phone; here you face trade-off on vacation and cell phone.2] Benefit is what you gain from somethingBenefit is profit gained from something which determines individuals like and dislikes that respect…...
ChoiceEconomyEmploymentExperienceMicroeconomicsMinimum Wage
What is the significance of Plato’s choice of the dialogue form
Words • 3121
Pages • 13
Plato is known throughout history as the author of some of the most poetic, lively, interesting and probing dialogues ever written. Not only are they crucial in the philosophical development of the western world, they are also literary classics in their own right. But, to what extent was this success dependent on the form in which Plato chose to convey his teachings: the dialogue form? Why did Plato use the dialogue form rather than straight poetry or prose like his…...
Choosing Health: Making Healthier Choices Easier
Words • 2264
Pages • 10
Choosing Health: making healthier choices easier The essay will start by looking at the brief history, before and after the creation of NHS in 1948. A white paper “Choosing Health: making healthier choices easier” (DOH 2004) in its entirety will be used to critically analyse health policies that have direct relevance upon current practices. National Service Framework (NSF) which provides national standards to reduce variations in care (Dimond, 2008) will be used to measure the standard and expected targets sets…...
In Hobson’s Choice
Words • 3893
Pages • 16
Maggie: I am. Willie however has other ideas. He does not want to marry Maggie; he disagrees with her and thinks that they would not be happy, as he does not love her. He tells her that she is a "shapely body" and a brilliant sales clerk but as a couple, they would not get far in life without love. Maggie is very strong willed about her idea and no matter what excuse Willie comes up with; Maggie is set…...
How do Thomas Hardy and F Scott Fitzgerald present the issue of women’s choices in “The Melancholy Hussar” and “The Ice Palace”
Words • 2067
Pages • 9
The two short stories, which are going to be considered, were set over a hundred years apart. Both stories concern the subject of women's choices and were written by men. "The Melancholy Hussar" written by Thomas Hardy was set in the first years of the nineteenth century although it was written around 1875. The main character in this story is Phyllis who lives with her father on the South Coast of England. Parallel to this is the short story of…...
Collins or Longman Dictionary – a Difficult Choice
Words • 507
Pages • 3
Nowadays many learners of English face a problem – which dictionary to choose as their main aid in learning the language. There is a variety of dictionaries from different publishers available at the market now, but we can focus here on two – Collins and Longman which are quite good reference books for everybody. Although they are both equally preferred by English learners, they posses a number of features which leave the buyer with not an easy choice. Collins, for…...
ChoiceCommunicationEnglish LanguageExperienceLanguageLinguistics
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Why Choose The Social Work Profession
...I don’t see any obstacles in learning as I am driven and take responsibility of my  education and life. Social Work is a demanding profession. I hope to become more skilled in my field as time progresses and establish a solid foundation in my soci...
What is the significance of Plato’s choice of the dialogue form
...Plato clearly chose the dialogue form carefully and for many reasons. With his great suspicion of writing and books in general, it is almost surprising that he did not follow his mentor Socrates and not write a word. However, of all forms in which to...
How do Thomas Hardy and F Scott Fitzgerald present the issue of women’s choices in “The Melancholy Hussar” and “The Ice Palace”
...Life through the years has had a major effect on women's choices and the way they make decisions. If a woman is faced with a major decision today she has the right to do what to do without male interference. Men were respected and if a woman wasn't m...
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