Frame Narrative Terms

a structure that provides a premise or setting for a narrative or other discourse. Example: a group of pilgrims exchanging stories while on the road is the ~ for Chacer’s Canterbury Tales

A term used to describe literary forms, such as novel, play, and essay

excessive pride that often affects tone

a belief that emphasizes faith and optimism in human potential and creativity

overstatement; gross exaggeration for rhetorical effect

a word or phrase representing that which can be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, or felt

indirect quotation
a rendering of a quotation in which actual words are not stated but only approximated or paraphrased

inductive reasoning
a method of reasoning in which a number of specific facts or examples are used to make a generalization.

Its opposite is deductive reasoning

a conclusion or proposition arrived at by considering facts, observations, or some other specific data

a mode of expression in which the intended meaning is the opposite of what is stated, often implying ridicule or light sarcasm; a state of affairs or events that is the reverse of what might have been expected

a figure or speech that compared unlike objects

a term describing poetry that uses elaborate conceits, expresses the complexities of love and life, and is highly educated; describes ideas that express an attitude about which rational argument is impossible

a figure of speech that uses the name of one thing to represent something else with which it is associated.

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Example: “The White House says…”

the general form, pattern, and manner of expression of a piece of discourse

a quick succession of images or impressions used to express and idea

the emotional tone of prevailing atmosphere in a work of literature or other discourse

a brief and often simplistic lesson that a reader may infer from a work of literature

a phrase, idea, or event that through repetition serves to unify or convey a theme in an essay or other discourse

a form of verse or prose (both fiction and nonfiction) that tells a story. See frame

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Frame Narrative Terms
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