Structural Frame

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Graphics LLC is graphic companies on the East coast aimed at enhancing professional grow and development. Focus of the company is on customers satisfaction in order to secure a business deal for the next day use of skill is very necessary to enhance quality and quantity of graphics.  Graphics the specializes in professionalism material, logos, and brochures.

It is a small enterprise and bigger companies normally give a better quotation for clients and win contract.  The company has a good reputation, a human capital base that has the ability to think and deliver better ways of doing graphic designs.  The company management is more focused on marketing and advertising its products and services.  Graphics LLC has developed a couture of creativity combined with discipline, which has assured the company greater success.

Graphics Lcc’s problem is being outbid.  When it bids for a job with largest companies, it is defeated because such companies offer better terms contract.  A small graphic design form can grab business from larger competitors by outsoaring. In this case it will have part of its work done by other companies and pay for that. Outsourcing will not lead to job losses.  This will enable the company engage in contract that its resources may not permit but with combined efforts it will be possible.

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  This value. It will therefore defeat the bigger companies and out of this graphics LLC will enjoy economics of scale to maximize returns / profit at a lower cost.  The state of being a partner with other companies will improve the company’s image and public relations are enhanced.  This will leading to taking control over the macroeconomic and microeconomics factors to the advantage of the company. other people opinion about the company in partnership, may result in more clients.  Outsoaring also makes UK of human capital available in other companies because employees of the small graphic design company may not have the necessary skills ability and knowledge to perform quality and quantity work.  Staff professional growth and development with farmers that they will be devisable.  Outsourced companies may have competence that endures customer satisfaction and more sales will be availableJacobs RM (1992).What happened in paper (Graphics LLC) using structural frame:The web design and business cards project was lost because of graphics LLC’s size.  The company has a good public image, has problems of staff that can come up with better skills of production, performance and can come up with ideas on how to produce quality graphics.  The company also has human capital that has been undergoing both professional growth and development enduring that initial performance ability has been improved through experience and their skills have been sharpened.  This is the graphic designer and he marketing director were key in all projects.  Through a website and hard copy marketing looks the clients ideas were brought into reality.  All pro needed a website showing all-available vacant and job requirements.  (Customer satisfaction was attained.  Goodwill was created between the two companies and great investment was achieved.  Relationship was a one on one basis and therefore the bond was strong.  The market should have been the only existing one of its type and more generally unusual or special in some way and very suitable for All pro.Mainly two people, a designer and a marketing director carried out the all pro project. There should have been a huge staff deposit to ensure that delegation of duties is made possible and people are not made to perform functions that are not inline with their profession because this limits the idea of quality and quantity which or the ensure a coordination of complete to ensure a good teamwork under structural frame graphics LLC should have, focused on obtaining the set objectives and aims: structure should have been matched with the circumstances of the organization, efficiently / specialization and division of labor should have been aliened, coordination and control should have been in place.  These together ensure that job performance is enhanced and demands of clients are met of a low cost to be a market leader rationality should have prevailed beyond personals preference and pressures form outside, esteems and opinions should be based on recent rather than emotionThe managers bear the responsibility if the workers. The management has a responsibility of ensuring that output is as per the expected quality and standards. Any cases of ineffectiveness will be attributed to the management.The most efficient way of doing work is determined by scientific methods: Old styles of graphics design are outdated and this reduces the quality of output and cases of customer dissatisfaction will be reported.Design the job after you have chosen someone to do the job: Delegation of duties is required and every single person in the project should have a specific role to play but reputation of roles should be avoided to ensure that there is no wastages or idle capacity:Workers are trained to work efficiently: Training is necessary to improve the human capital capability. Initial skills are topped with on job training to make us of working experience for efficiency.Work performance is monitored. Mere should be constant checks to ensure that set standards have been met and any variations are identified on time. Tacobs R M (1992).Courses of ActionsA worker should complete an entire job. This ensures that there is consistency in production and jobs are not left suspended. Idle time and idle capacity will be avoided wastages will be minimal.Work performance should be dictated by improved efficiency in the production functions. Achieving efficiency and productivity should be everybody’s goals and this should be adhered to the produce effectively at low cost in order to maximize sales.Workers should pose technical qualifications:The human capital should be a rich one in that it should have all then necessary skills and knowledge that will enable a company to make us of the economics of scale.Management should change from the family system to system where the business is a modern money generator and this avoids all the elements of small scaleA hierarchy of office:The organizations staff should be well structures with operational staff, middle management and chief executive and their roles, duties and responsibilities should be well defined:Working as a life-long career in an organization. More staff should consider professional growth and development. Education will assist in the sharpening of skills, which are converters in to productiveness in terms of quality and quantity.Measures should be put in place to ensure that specialization ensures that someone caries act a job from the beginning is completion. There should be a proper scheme to ensure that employees are efficient effective and therefore they perform better. Professional growth and development should be considered to ensure that ability is improved to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Staff should have long term goals in their careers to ensure that they also do something positive for positive for themselves.Human Resource Frame.What happened in paper (Graphics LLC) using human resources? There were only two people doing is doing the job, the designer who was the husband and the wife who was the marketer. This was more of a cottage industry. The two were extremely qualified but they still had imitations in skills. Customer satisfaction was achieved after the larger company’s contract was canceled. The couple had extremely great passion for the job. The key staff was interested in creating a good relationship with the ALL PRO Company. The company has not been outstanding so partnership has not been possible. The loss of bids by the company was exploiting the key employees of the company. When they happened to gain the contract them and the company were satisfied.Various alternatives of action:A good motivation and reward system will ensure that employees have enthusiasm to perform and increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Personal feelings at work should be considered and respected to ensure that employees are not affected by their emotions. Recreation by the staff member should be respected because this gives them time to relax and return back to work with a relaxed and focused mind.A course of Action.Employee’s salaries should be improved in the graphical SSC. This will make save that they can afford all their personal needs and be able give their best to the company. At given durations during the financial year, the management should pay for a retreat by the employees to ensure that they have sometimes off work and have a cocktail together.Partnerships should be created to enhance relationships for the company, which may enhance the company’s public image:Implementation plan:Outsourcing will very appropriate for the company. It will see the company make use of what it does not have but is available in other companies. Bids will not be cost but goodwill will be improved. On job training in the group and individual level should be improved they will ensure that employees will be able to improve their ability in a creativity and innovation and improved products will be in the market logo, brochures and all the materials that enhance professionalism should be produced at a low cost to maximize profits.

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