Fighting The Looming Migration Crisis

Unregulated migration has had a detrimental impact on the world today. There has been a widespread concern for overpopulation in refugee camps and detention centers. The absence of the intention to collaborate from certain states has led to an inability to find a proper solution. Rather than send money and supplies to support the already existing detention centers and refugee camps, organizations such the European Union, continuously build more locations. Thus, this lack of supplies and capital forced the refugee camps and detention centers to have deleterious conditions.

These immigrants are left without proper food, water clothing, and even education to prosper and survive in their new home country.

Dangerous crossing conditions as a result of deserts, large bodies of water, and wildlife lead to the death of millions annually. The lack of regulation on how much border control is covering is allowing the deaths of migrants who choose to cross illegally. Ukraine believes that the best way to combat the Migration crisis is to create a secure flow thorough borders and the best way to accomplish this flow is through state-instituted regulation.

It is paramount that borders are both secure and open, migrants should be able to come and go as they please, so long as they have the proper identification and documentation.

Reinstating that Ukraine believes that borders should be open but controlled, Ukraine has set standards for entering the country. Ukraine administers tests and has strict qualifications for entering the country. Ukraine also has a strong labor migration policy.

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There a great number of people who live outside of Ukraine, who work in Ukraine and need to be able to cross the border for their occupations. Ukraine is also said to be a gateway for migrants into the European Union. Ukraine supports all of the following proposals for a solution to the migration crisis: Member states must be willing to work with one another to create a solution to this problem. Collaboration is necessary.

A communication/ identification system needs to be developed to create a database. This would allow a smoother, more efficient way of crossing. If a migrant violates the laws of another country, that could be reason enough to turn that migrant away. The development of a transportation system would alleviate the overpopulation problem in refugee camps and detention centers. The redistribution of migrants would also mitigate the pressure of the host country to provide for those people. Increasing the coverage of border control to prevent illegal crossings and the death of those trying to cross illegally. This could be through the use of fencing, or the construction of more border patrol buildings.

Organizations such as Frontex should be instituted. One of Frontex’s primary focuses is to aid migrants who are trying to cross dangerous conditions. They prevent those people from dying in their attempts to pass from one state to the next; whether that be from drowning, famine, freezing, dehydration or wildlife. Some may argue that these solutions are too socialist. Letting the states handle the migration affairs themselves has led to turmoil. Democracy has been defined as competition nonetheless, it also embodies the need for states to work with one another to better themselves and the world. This issue will be stagnated until radical change and collaboration have been implemented.

Some may also argue that there is simply no funding for these proposed solutions. This is incorrect. Currently, the ones already providing aid are simply providing it to the wrong places. Rather than build more detention centers and refugee camps, the EU should be fixating its support on providing for the already instituted locations. Additionally, non-governmental organizations and charities would have to play an integral part in this as well. There is a fundamental need for regulation to combat this looming migration crisis. Member states must collude to devise a solid solution to this relevant issue. Without a solution, this dilemma will continue to build until it becomes unstable.

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