Family Relationships and The Opportunity to Serve People

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A theme that arises based on my answers is caring. Based on the self-inventory the most important values to me were family relationships and the opportunity to serve people. My family embraces the value of serving people and I admire my family for always trying to help others. Based on my experience as a coach, teacher, student, friend and family member helping others is important and a top priority of mine0. Caring for others is one of the most important things for me because it shows how you feel about people family, friends and strangers.

We are all people and if I can help other in need then it is worth it. Another theme that arises based on my values is passion. I believe my passions are to help others, and caring for others. To do that means being involved in activities and having a job that interests me, working with people that will push me and collaborate to my myself and others better.

Passion is a theme that embodies caring and shows that I want to learn more and I want to grow as a person and a professional.

I believe a challenge I will face as a new future clinical mental health specialist is the fear of not reaching the needs, and or helping my clients. I know as time will tell that I have to be confident and create a trust between my clients and myself. I’m often naïve and trust people completely without hesitation. I can see that being hard especially when I emotionally put time and invest in my clients.

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As a teacher I struggle not taking my work home and thinking about my students. My first year teaching my health and mental state was affected due to me worrying about my students all the time. After that first year I now know how important self-care is. I need to be able to block things out when needed and focus on the task at hand or the client at hand during that time.

I see another challenge trying not to judge when it deals with children. My parent divorced when I was in Kindergarten and I am very blessed with the support and example my mom and grandparents showed my sister and I. That being said, I know how important family is and how being a hard worker and good role model shape your children. I worry that I would have difficulty not judging people who do not properly exemplify what it means to be a good role model as a mother and or father. I know that I will face challenges I’m sure several, but I will strive to reach my potential and follow the ethics and guidelines of an appropriate mental health specialist/ school counselor. The strength I noticed on my self-inventory could definitely impact diverse populations in a good way and possibly bad way as well. I believe my values can help me want to help people no matter the population, along with understanding the importance of family.

On the other hand, my family background and experiences are not the same as other people. I was raised in middle to upper class rural area. I will have difficulty relating to people and or having experiences that other people face especially in a low socioeconomic area. I do not have those experiences therefore, have not seen and experienced the tragedy, loss, betrayal, disease, and homelessness that some people face. Although I worry about relating and helping people with different experiences than mine that is what I’m passionate about. I want to help people that are different than me, that have had loss, money problems, disease, betrayal, etc. Although I worry about my strengths that might impact my clients in a bad way, I truly believe I can use my strengths to help diverse populations. I will be reliable, trustworthy, engaged and willing to help them and be someone that people from diverse populations can count on.

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