The topic that I have narrowed down my research paper down to is EBooks and the effects of this digital advancement have on children.

Children Growing Up in the Digital World

Being a parent and also pursuing a degree in education, I’m hopeful that this topic will be beneficial for me in the future. I find it interesting that I am of a generation that has watch the digital movement evolve from the beginning, while our youngest children will grow up with technology always being apart of his or her life.

I am interested in what the effect will have on the children. I considered trying to compare and contrast the two different generations, but needed to narrow it down and could not find enough research. Instead, I started focusing on the many effect on children psychologically and physically. From this point, I chose to narrow my paper to the psychological piece and keep it to the generation growing up in this digital world for my paper.

Effects of Technology vs Physical Books

My main questions I am asking myself as I navigate through the research are as follows: is this technology healthy for children in terms of his or her development; how does this relate to screen time; and how does it compare to physical books?

With my original research was mostly internet base and using the EDCC library. I discovered that there is a lot of parent opinion pieces, articles and books written about children and learning in a digital world.

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One book that I have found is Learning and the E-Generation and Understanding the digital generation: Teaching and learning in the new digital landscape. I also really liked and article I found through on of the assignments, called The Future of the Reader or the Reader of the Future: Children’s Interactive Books and Multiliteracies. I found this latter article very informative in the sense that I started thinking differently about the matter of children and this technology. When I began the research process, I was only thinking that the EBooks were bound to have a negative effect on children. I lumped it strictly with screen time, however, in this article the author writes, “the presence of literature in the lives of most children and young people has always been little, and digital communication is most likely to be replacing the time children dedicated to watching TV”(Frederico). This opened perspective into looking at EBooks as a benefit. Another article, In a Digital Age, Parents Value Printed EBooks for their Kids, states how physical books help children socially, for one example; children and parents are more likely to share books than expensive devices, thus creating stronger social and sharing learning opportunities.


So in conclusion, after all my preliminary research, I am choosing to focus on the psychological factors of children, such as, social, cognitive, and behavioral facets that are influenced by exposure to technology in terms of EBooks. I base my working thesis on a few factors. The first factor is established on my future interest as a parent and the effects on my children. The second is my ability to find research on the subject. Finally the third influence is that I am currently an ECE teacher, pursuing a certificate, and I want gather more knowledge as to how to apply this subject to my future.

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