Effects of Broken Marriage to Children

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Effects of Broken Marriage to Children

SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE COURSE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY BY Marie Julianne I. Reyes CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Generally, most broken marriages are the result of domestic violence in the home, particularly men abused their wives physically and emotionally, and if are children are involved in the marriage, it means they all experience the situation and then, imagine the suffering they had to go through before the marriage finally leads to break up.

All these affects the children negatively and often makes them feel unhappy, especially as it as involves detention battle, it’s as if the parent are fighting over the children. As divorce proceeds and it is time for realism. The way the children survive depends on how the parents handled the divorce proceedings.

The more stressful, the harder it will be for the children. From time to time, even when the divorce proceeding was less stressful, the children will suffer emotionally and otherwise and this in turn tends to affect their academic words.

In a situation, where by the children love both parents very much makes the divorce even more difficult for them. They have to make a decision to follow one of the parents, either the mother or the father, though, they don’t even know which of them to follow or side without causing sorrow to the other one.

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Children from Broken Marriage, always have poor results due to the fact that they do not have happy home and there’s no atmosphere for reading. Since they are not always happy, they think a lot about their family. Statement of the Problem

Divorce Effects On Children

This term paper seeks to discuss how and why does husband and wife got to the point of separation and how it affects their children. The following questions will answer it: 1. What should couples do before deciding to end a marriage? 2. What are the factors that cause Broken Marriage? 3. How does divorce affect their children? 4. What lies ahead on the future of children who experienced this kind of situation? Importance of the Study All children/teenagers who are in this situation will help them realized that it is not a hindrance for them to give up easily.

They will know and learn how to manipulate what they had been experiencing. It can also help ex-husband and wives on how to handle the situation to their children. Scope and Delimitation of the Study The main idea of this study, is the emotion or feelings of children specially teenagers on how they react and how they really affected having a Broken Family. Research Method Used This topic needs to deal with Case and Clinical Studies. In this process, it will help to adjust, to have a treatment and therapy needed by cases studied. Definition of Terms Used 1.

Annulment– states that no valid marriage was contracted because the legal requirement of marriage we’re not met. 2. Marriage– is a relationship between husband and wife. 3. Broken– it can use to describe a marriage that has ended in divorce, or a home in which the parents of the family are divorced, when you think this is a sad or bad thing. 4. Divorce– legal dissolution of marriage; disunion; to put apart. 5. Desertion– when one partner walks out on the other without notice. 6. Separation– when one spouse moves out with notice; legal disunion of married persons.

The Body Of The Term Paper Effects of Broken of Broken Marriage to Children

“Until death do us part” is a promise that has been repeated often in the traditional wedding vows. Nevertheless, many couples enter marriage equipped only with hopes and dreams. The knowledge they need to make this her promise come true is often overlooked. They may be convinced that their marriage will endure a lifetime. Marriages are much like any of the other friendships people have. They are strengthened and weakened in many of the same ways. Like friendships, marriages only work with effort.

The mixture when two people get together can create any number of challenges, to the point that they want to separate. The factors that causes the couples got separated are because of their differences such as race, religion, nationality and education. Despite all efforts, some marriages do end. Divorce is the most common method. Other marriages are also ended through desertion and annulment. But before deciding to end a marriage, couples should think first what would be the effect of their decision to the people around them most specially to their children.

The children are the most affected of the divorce because this can lead them negatively and often makes them feel unhappy. The pain that children go through when it comes to a broken marriage is devastating and the pain is caused only by the parents. A broken home can make a child insecure. Insecure in a sense that he had no longer had a complete family he can call his own and living without either his father or mother will create fear and insecurities in him. This feeling of insecurities will even trigger if he is around his friends who are living a normal, happy and complete life.

The insecurities, self-doubt and lack of confidence in a child can eventually make him uninterested in school. Sometimes a child’s reaction on his parent’s announcement of a divorce is not visible. He keeps to himself the pain, shock and anger he feels. This in turn makes him vulnerable to anger, depression, revenge, alcohol, crimes, drugs and so on. He makes these as his outlets. Too much depression, alcohol addiction and drug dependency, if left untreated, can make him mentally ill or can turn him into criminal. He may even attempt to kill himself if he can no longer handle all the misfortunes which he thinks is killing him softly.

Growing up in a broken home may also cause children to have difficulty in future relationships and cause them to struggle with the issue of trust. The parents should help their children to adjust to what has happened. They must be guiding their kids by being supportive and positive about the child’s relationship with the other parent. Children need calm; the information should be given at a level they can understand. And the most important thing is… tell each child individually that he or she is not the cause of the divorce and always be loved by both parents.

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Effects of Broken Marriage to Children
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