Benefits of Early Childhood Education for Children

Did you know that preschool attendance in Virginia is not mandatory; despite that attending, preschool gives children short-term benefits, and lifelong benefits and can even help our economy? A Preschool education grants children many short-term crucial benefits they would not get by staying home. However do not be fooled by the words “short term”, this simply means these are benefits that establish foundations for future success in learning and in life preschool also gives children benefits that will last the rest of their life from adolescence to adulthood.

Attendance even helps both our federal and state economies and possesses many long-term cost benefits from those that attend.

With all of those precious gifts preschool should be mandatory for all children residing in the state of Virginia Preschool bestows upon children many short-term benefits that every child in Virginia should have a chance to obtain. Children who attend the preschool exhibit and receive a sense of classroom ethics and a foundation to prepare them for a smooth transition to a kindergarten classroom setting.

This reduces and in most cases even eliminates the “separation anxiety” most children endure on their first day of kindergarten every day children who attend preschool are exposed to vast social situations resulting in the advanced development of social and emotional skills compared to their peers who do not. According to the center for public education children in prek “posted vocabulary scores that were 31 percent higher” and “placed children three to four months ahead”.

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