The Significance of In-School Involvement in Early Childhood Education

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In a classroom setting it should be comfortable for the student as well as the parent or guardian. The Teacher and School should invite families to join in on the learning. This will help the child to learn better if he or she knows their family is involved in their learning and also keeps the parents up to date in their child’s education. Parenting Knowledge and Skills: Invite the parent in to the classroom to participate in the learning, either by sending home books or literature on what is being taught in the classroom or having a workshop to help them understand what is being taught.

Another way of keeping parents up to date on what is to have to the library equipped with materials on the subject of what is being taught. This will help the parent to understand or even help the child with homework issues. Communication Between the Home and School: Keep the parent involved in what their child is learning.

Have Teacher/Parent conferences either in person or by phone. Have a day for the student to act out what they are learning and invite the families so they can be involved, either by observing or by helping out with the function.

The parent could even come in and maybe tell about their job or their heritage. The parent also could bring in snacks of their choice to help with what is being taught. Make up a newsletter to send home telling what is going on in the classroom that would help the parent to understand and also keep them informed in anything special that may be coming up for their child.

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Also, have an open door policy for the caregiver for conferences or to just come in and see what their child may be learning at that time. There also could be a website that the parent could go to in order to see what is going on without having to actually come in. That would help for those that may work or have no way of transportation to the school.

Volunteering at the School and in the Community: Invite parents to help out on field trips or a function at the school. Invite the parent to come in and read to the students, could also help the teacher in many ways as well invite the parent to come in and help with art or a helper during recess encourage the parent to get involved with the PTA, or become a room mom to be over refreshments or help with crafts.  Encourage the parent to support learning at home by having so many hours a week in reading between parent and child or even just by child but have the parent sign off that the child read the book or books. Have a reward after the reading, Six Flags have a reward system for reading, the student reads for so many hours and the student gets a free ticket to the park.

The parent also could have their own reward system for getting homework done on time or to have all reading done by a certain date Involvement with the parent in decision-making and advocacy: “a personal relationship with the teacher is one in which both parties will learn from each otheri Quick notes, emails, faxes, or phone calls about issues as they come up” are great ways of being involved. If the parent is aware of what is going on with the school system helps to put their mind at ease Collaborating with the Community: The school could have parents maybe show up at a popular facility, such as a ice cream parlor or restaurant and have parents involved in the night. Also, if there is a play or function going on in the city or county of the school that may have something to do with what the student is learning encourage the parent to get involved by participating or attending the function to get them more familiar with what is being taught or what the subject is at the moment. Always try to encourage the parent to get involved with what the student has going on at school.

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