Parental Involvement in Early Childhood Education

In Thailand society, education is an integral part of which people have focused on the quality foundation for their opportunistic future. When people have a good GPA, the percentage of success will become increased, so it is a passport for a better life. Therefore, when children do their grades perfectly, they should get about gifts from their parents that it can inspire them. This essay will show the reasons why parents should give gifts to their children. The initial advantage is giving gifts to children it will inspire them to do the best as much as they can.

Money or gifts that parents give to their children in exchange to do a good grade will encourage children to put more effort in their education. Therefore, children know that they can not get anything without exchange. Everything in this world has a price to pay.

The second advantage is a good GPA for education will help the children have more percentage of success in the future.

In Thailand’s examination, was later changed by the government to calculate students’ grades into twenty percent of overall scores to attend the university. This is an important point to change their future. The last advantage is when they get a good grades in the university, it will help them to increase the opportunity to find jobs. Companies which look for new candidates every year are more interested in candidates who have a higher grade than others because it shows their responsibility for the work. The company can expect more responsibility from candidates who have a good GPA.

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Every company is looking for an intelligent employee to make their company growing up. In conclusion, parents should encourage their children to get good grade by paying money or getting the gift to children. Teaching them the meaning of life and building a strong foundation for their future.

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