Culture and Customs of the Nazirem

Apart from the title, the geographical description of the article is obviously discussing America. I have a strong belief that this article was purposed to not only catching the reader’s attention but also to catch the reader unaware. Exploring the Nacirema’s diverse culture and customs, the reader will find themselves grasping a physical as well as mental extreme which makes them appear more put together for other people to perceive (Launer, 2018). There is shock with the reality of the article as the reader gets drawn to the rituals and taboos of the Nacirema.

The author seems to have an intention of invoking disbelief to the readers with the fact that these rituals are taking place in America. Through this article, the author has addressed the rituals which many people in America indulge in but taking for granted through turning an ordinary hygienic need, healthcare as well as mental health into a life-threatening effort (Miner, 1956). What most people consider reasonable for instance brushing our teeth, regular visits to the hospital among others is what the author describes as rituals.

Basic and necessary Healthcare needs, for instance, making the breasts of women larger in the instance when they are small, and ritual fasts aimed at making fat people thin are among the pathological behaviors in this article.

Americans have very many opportunities which are meant to medically change our bodies, which many people indulge into. The article was written many years ago, but still, the same problems which were in existence in 1956 when it was written still stands up to date.

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It is, however, possible to improve the quality and the healthcare’s availability looking at some examples of other countries which have made a lot of advancement. On a personal note, there are a lot of medical treatments outside the U.S which are working and have been proven for years but the services are still not available in the United States (DeVita, 2015). The availability of treatments and therapies lies in the hands of the government for approval but ironically, they are not specialists in the field of medicine.

As an American, I cannot accurately explain how people from less developed countries may be able to utilize our healthcare system. I can, however, depict on my friend’s opinion who have shared how they think concerning the topic in question. People who have utilized this system of healthcare have differing opinions with some saying that they were pleased with the various options and the treatment they got; others are concerned with the services offered.

My friends who had concerns with the system were mainly stating the language barrier as the major hindrance. Just to help them, I advised them to ask questions when they had issues and seek alternative advice when there arose an issue with the system of treatment. As time moves on, I believe that people from other countries will acclimate to the rituals which are depicted in the article to have a feeling of belonging. However, acclimation would depend on the age of individuals since the younger generation would be eager to adapt to it while the old would be willing to stick to the culture of their own.

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