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Victoria Iphigenia Warshawski is a private investigator in Chicago, one of the few very tough their profession. About their exciting cases has its Erschafferin Sara Paretsky, born in Iowa in 1947 and grew up in Kansas, written since 1982 nineteen detective novels and found them international literary recognition. and B. Szelinski is in German now translating from Else Laudan the sixteenth band before: “Critical Mass”, appeared in the original 2013 ( ” Critical Mass < “Sara Paretsky: “Critical Mass” at”

the title already realize that the plot in the field of chemistry and physics leads.

He takes also time and space far out, to the American postwar politics of the Cold war and further back in the Austrian pre-war development with its dark chapters. There, the story of two families who pursue the protagonist is rooted needs. Thus, the author a lot of scenes, historical circumstances, people, and plot threads available, they masterfully woven into a complex detective story.

Sara Paretsky series heroine says it all. In 1986, the author founded, together with some colleagues the Organi promotes organization “Sisters in Crime”, the women working in the literary genre of mystery literature.

A German offshoot “Murderous Sisters” was founded of 2007. The groups have now connected more than three hundred authors. So Victoria Iphigenia Warshawski is in some ways a feminist art figure, which is to do away with clichés. Paretsky found that women in thrillers usually “either angry or powerless” were, and now wanted a more contemporary, “a tough, smart and lovable private detective” send into the race.

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These attractive woman wearing one hand, sympathetic female character traits as their binding capacity, on the other hand it also shows a lot of hardship as their male colleagues and can perfectly defend firearm and karate like this. That they their female first names consistently behind the gender-neutral shortcuts “Vic” or “V.I.” hides, can also be understood as a tactic: femininity should be considered in their male-dominated profession as a flaw, so she prefers not to plakatieren

The plot is around 2010 many years of Vic’s girlfriend Charlotte Herschel. triggered. The Jewish doctor, 71, worries about a patient for days unreachable. The drug addict Judy Binder, 50, most recently a miserable existence had eked in a commune on a depraved to Crackhaus farm in the country. Vic makes his way, but the farm is abandoned. Apart from a destroyed meth lab, she finds a wildlife battered corpse.

Judy Binder is not a patient like any other, but the fate of their family is mixed up the Herschel for a century with. Judy’s grandmother Liesl Saginor came before the First World War in the prestigious Viennese household one of Herschel’s, where she took sewing and could supervise their own six-year-old daughter Martina. For this girl a scientist who in “Vienna Institute for Radium Research” and, though Jewish, cooperated in Germany until 1943 to develop the atomic bomb. Nevertheless, they then found, as far as we know, on the march to the camp Sobibor death.

Meanwhile, the family had to leave their villa Herschel and moved in with the Saginors in a Vienna slums. There, the fine six-year Charlotte Herschel had perforce to the same age Kathe, Megan’s illegitimate daughter, befriend, the arrogance came across a hatred and jealousy of others. the mutual dislike of the girl was fired in bringing to the natural sciences nor by Megan’s penchant them, for Kathe brought unlike Charlotte no interest in it on. Rather, she suffered all her life including that all passion was her mother science, as they proved their child no love.

After the war, their paths parted Holocaust survivors. While Charlotte physician married Kathe was and ran a clinic in Chicago, the GI Leonard Binder and also lived with him and the only daughter of Judy Chicago.

“Critical Mass” is a classic novel investigators. A private detective takes on a seemingly simple search and finds himself quickly surrounded by a mysterious family history full of heavy burdens and losses from the past. V.I. Warshawski hopes outcrops of Judy’s mother Katherine Binder, 71, but has long been hardened and embittered, disappointed by her daughter did not get her life under control, got druggy and her son Martin dumped her. Contrary to their expectations, the boy, however, did not suffer from brain damage, but turned out to be the contrary, as highly intelligent lad.

Martin Binder, 20, the plot revolves in the present. The brilliant IT nerd working-tech energy company in a leading and his mother disappeared for ten days. His boss is most worried is that his best man with up.With the explosive secret material that could endanger the state security even might have discontinued.

For more than five hundred pages we follow the feisty, tough and hard hitting against himself detective who neither cop nor fears FBI agent. Your stay no other measures than in all conceivable directions to speculate to research in libraries and on the Internet and explore the past of the family Saginor and binder to. They come across the names of scientists who were welcomed with open arms after the war in the United States to advance to the nuclear weapons program.

Sara Paretsky holds all the strings firmly in hands. With calm and regularity they told about all levels of time and action scenes of time and neglect no detail. It is never boring, because their washed with all waters, always embattled heroine is a real warhorse that any dispute dodging, but also scores with wit and intelligence. Only when the cops it is not suffered particularly – they entitle disparagingly as “Snoop bitch”

“Critical Mass” is telling an engrossing murder mystery tome with political touch, consistently challenging, plausible constructed and vividly. , The hard confrontation with powerful opponents forcing the heroine to their limits. In the central part of the action at the many people involved is slightly confusing, but the author captures the reader with a surprising conclusion part again.

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