Sara Begelman Romeo & Juliet

Today my parents are having a ball. They are making go. My nurse and my servants are helping me get ready. The nurse picked out a lovely red and gold dress and my servants put my hair in a braid. Before I went to the ball my parents told me there is a man named Paris who would make a great husband you. I was a little shocked. I was too young to get married; I am only 13 years old age.

When I got to the party, my father ushered me to my possible future husband. I am totally deadening it, but before I could even talk to him, my mother told me it’s time for the family dance. I was so thankful for my mother right now. When I was dancing, I saw this spectacle brown eyes so, when the dance was over to meet the person with the lovely eyes. Then as we talked, I found out he is Montague, my greatest enemy! Before we departed I kissed him goodbye and we will talk again soon.

My heart hurts because Rosaline does not love me as I love her. Benvolio my greatest friend saw me down and forced me to go with him to the Capulet’s party with him and our friends. I thought it was a bad idea. I saw the most beautiful one in the room. She had a red and gold dress on. Her eyes were a gorgeous ocean blue. I walk over to a wall and as she did too.

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We talked ridiculous things until she had to leave. Before she left she kissed me and she will talk soon. My heart was pumping out my chest. But she was a Capulet, my greatest enemy! After I had left, I was thankful that Benvolio forced me to come to this party!

Later after that wonderful evening, I was on my balcony and I saw my love, Romeo. We confessed our love to each other, and we are planning on getting married! I never have been so happy. He said he would send letters in the morning for tomorrow. We would let Friar wed us. I told my nurse of the event, and she was happy for me but also a little scared for me. I told her everything would be fine.

Today I got married to the love of my life. Only four people know of this secret marriage: Juliet, Friar, Juliet’s Nurse and myself. Back to the wedding, she looked gorgeous in her off white dress. I vowed to her that I will protect her with my life and love her till thou die and be there when she is sick. We kissed. Let’s just say it was amazing and magical. Overall it was a great morning.

After the secret marriage, my friends and me were just relaxing by the square, having a good old time but who decides to pop by our greatest enemies, the Capulets. We ended up fighting and both sides lost someone. Juliet’s cousin Tybalt killed Mercutio. Out of anger, sadness and revenge, I killed Tybalt. I ran to Friar, and he told me that I am banished. I cried so much because that would mean I would never see my lovely wife ever again.

I got horrible news from the nurse that my dear cousin is dead because of my love. Romeo is also banished. I will never see him again. Oh, cried for my husband and cousin. Then my parents came and told me after this tragedy there needs light and they went on that you will be married to Paris this coming Thursday. I was furious because my father told me that I would get married in a couple of years, now he tells me this errr. I told him no way. He got furious with me and said I was a ‘’bad” daughter. I was so taken back about that. My nurse who always has been on my side was on my father’s side. So, I ran to only one that could help me…the Friar! I made it to Manchuria! My loyal servant Balthasar will go back and forth between Verona and here to give me updates on my family and my love of my life Juliet. I have been so depressed without my love. Why did I kill someone, epically a Capulet. Why did my anger always get the best of me?

I ran to Friar and scream and cried for him. I also told him I had a knife with me if we can’t do anything. He has a plan for me: He will give me this poison that will make me sleep for two days. Then he and Romeo will be at my side when I wake up. Don’t worry Friar will send a letter to him about what’s the plan. Then Romeo and I will live our lives together and run away. I miss my Juliet so much! I cannot believe it’s been almost over day since I seen her ocean blue eyes. Balthazar is in Verona getting news of my lovely wonderful love of my life and my family. I know my mother took this situation hard.

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