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Also, she portrays how women think more efficiently than men throughout the play, and she makes the reader sympathy with her characters . The play starts with the entrance of the sheriff Peters, the county attorney , Mrs.. Peters and Mrs.. Hale into Mrs.. Wright’s kitchen who is arrested for the murder of her husband. When the men go upstairs to find evidences that they don’t think they will get in the kitchen, because In their perspective It Is silly area since It belongs to women, Susan Is creating a space for the women during their dialogue to show their Intelligence and their analysis that Is based on questions.

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Through their talking they find a dead bird which is one of the most important details that they build their conclusions on. The women hide this because they don’t want the men find it as a motive for Mrs.. Wright to kill her husband, and the play ends after the women mislead the men.

The bird in the play is highly symbolic for Mrs.. And Mr.. Wright which I think Susan has succeeded in using it. Review Description Symbols in literature add further meanings and make the meaning stay in the reader’s mind.

As many plays Trifles has several symbols that make the reader understand deeply the characters and their roles throughout the play. The major symbol In the play Is the bird which Is used to represent Mrs.. Wright herself and her life that lacks of freedom, because after her loveless marriage she became imprisoned in a gloomy house.

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In the story, Mrs.. Wright wants it as an alternative of children, and she likes it because it reminds her of her past when she used to sing, so she wants to recall her cheerfulness.


It was the only left hope for her before Mr.. Wright has put it down, and for Mr.. Wright is a fake hope, so he wanted to get rid of it. “The bird’s ultimate “freedom” through death also resonates with Mince’s freedom through her husband’s death. Even though she is Jailed in the play, her spirit is freed through the revenge she enacts upon Mr.. Wright” notes Dalton. Evaluation The play is very effective because Susan Slapped used all the elements of the play successfully, so the meaning is delivered clearly and emotionally.

Her active description of the setting helps the reader to understand the psychological situations of the characters. Also, her using of the dialogue of the women and the Irony In the play forces the reader to sympathize with the protagonist, because she highlights throughout the women’s conversation the protagonist’s stillness and suffering with ere rough NASDAQ Ana makes NV or near unreason Tanat ten murder Is a result and outcome of these factors. The symbols give the play powerful meanings and explain her state of mind of being lonely, motherless and imprisoned.

In my opinion, the end is successful because it evokes the reader to think about Mrs.. Wright’s destiny which I think as a reader that Mrs.. Wright will go out of the Jail because of lack of enough evidences. Conclusion Trifles by Susan Slapped is considered as a feminist drama because it is mainly about women and their struggle. The author points out the male perspective toward female. She tries to change this perspective by showing women intelligence and also by the tragic situation that the house of the Wrights has become.

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