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Eighteen million visitors annually flood the smallest state in the world, four million of them pushing through the overwhelmingly rich art collections of his palace complex and its climax, the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s magnificent, fresh colors are lit frescoes. but no one is allowed to enter there or only approach, as long as the exclusive good of all electoral bodies in session.

If the head of the Catholic Church, a worldwide organization with more than 1.25 billion believers, has died, the cardinals travel from around the world to to select from among their successors.

The duration of the election is not limited, but is urgent, so that the power vacuum of the lack of leadership no longer than strictly necessary endures. In 1216, the people of Perugia lost patience with their defaulting dignitaries, they closed abruptly and thus justified the institution of the Conclave (lat cum clave:. with the key). But a fleet management could even this drastic measure does not guarantee: in 1241 the council took in Rome 60 days in 1268 did about three years (1503 sufficed other hand, a few hours)

The process is proceeding according to rigid rules under strengster secrecy.

and consistent exclusion of the public in a sealed-off area of ​​the Vatican city. By oath the Cardinals absolute secrecy is imposed on any violation would be punished with excommunication. For the time of the election the men (maximum age 80 years) are completely isolated from the outside world. No event outside penetrates to their ears or eyes, because they receive no access to Internet, telephone, mobile, newspaper, TV, radio and media representatives.

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Housed are the voters in the rooms of the guest house Casa Santa Maria , which guide the sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent de Paul. After breakfast and Community Mass in the Capella Paolina they go, dressed in purple and with the Pileolus (skullcap) on his head, on foot or by bus to the Sistine Chapel. Previously, security services have fussy checked all the rooms and prepared, for example, searched for hidden microphones and installed jammers against any kind of bugging. Then the proposed ballots. Can take place, two each in the morning and in the afternoon,

Each cardinal forgives his vote in reliance on the Holy Spirit, but of course no one ends up the ballots spontaneously in the covered with a plate urn. In exploratory talks, factions form; silent collusion and conspiracies finally leave after several passages come (in their apparatus and the future development of the Church and the balance of power) concluded the required two-thirds majority for a candidate. White smoke from the chimney of the Cappella Sistina announced the result: Habemus Papam

Robert Harris has about the mysterious, globally relevant operations in confined spaces great novel written: ” Conclave < "

at “< p> During the next council as always thirsty the public after the tiniest signs, where the journey could go, but more than speculation, it can not give. Who would not like to gain an insight into this exciting phase of what is happening behind the impregnable walls? In his fictional, but very realistic scenario Robert Harris fills the void with all that seems inconceivable in this or a similar variant. Captivating, entertaining and knowledgeable he describes how emerge from the ranks of over a hundred cardinals four favorites. The liberal reformers prefer a subtle cardinal, the traditionalists are behind the rural-rough colleagues from Venice. If it is possible the ambitious striver from North America to prevail? Or could possibly climb the chair of the Vicar of God on earth for the first time an African? Some candidates drive vanity, ambition and hopes ahead, others fear the huge burdens of being assigned office for life or even doubters in faith.

What the author draws as an ace up their sleeve in the end, is a hammer hard, albeit far-fetched and designed seeming surprise. Nevertheless, the novel offers excellent entertainment with fascinating insights into the normal mortals inaccessible religious parallel world, a regulated firm of statutes domain of rival males. Retrogressive traditionalists are cosmopolitan reformers over, the freer thoughts about the attitude of their church to women, sexuality or social problems leave. the detailed descriptions of the premises, works of art and riches are noteworthy of the Vatican universe (including some oddities).

This book I have on the list Zu my 20 Lieblingsbüchern”

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