"The wedding of Chani Kaufman" be Eve Harris

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Girls and women wear long skirts. Pants are forbidden. After marriage they hide their hair under wigs. The men are dressed in long black coats. Under her wide-brimmed black hats ear curls curl out. Most men wear a thick, dark beard.

The scene of such exotic caught seemingly life is Golders Green in central London, Britain’s multicultural capital, the year is 2008. Seemingly unaffected by their bustling environment of technical hype , fashion trends, globalized transparency and ideological diversity Orthodox Jews live and externally clearly visible after their strict traditional rules and customs in an insular community.

in this world, “not love the people.” If Chani Kaufman, 19 married soon, the year-earlier Baruch, then not for love, but because a competent expert the two has led to one another. The agent knows all community members, selects who adequately fits together, pushes the first encounters at, contrives the game and benefits properly if successful. “Falling in love” is Chani before, “as if the love a vat full of boiling liquid”.

The man with whom she will share the rest of their lives, Chani has seen only three times, and it bothered her quite some detail about him. But it is to the candidates once again refuse as the other before? All Men seeking but simply a good little girl who leads the religious commandments according to the budget and otherwise not noticeable, and many of her friends have can already be engaged.

So has Chani “Yes,” I said, good will, not to disappoint Baruch as a wife.

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But what they actually expected it is completely unclear. She prays that Baruch might prove to be neither boring nor as prügelndes monster. Most of them fear the wedding night. To lüpfen the veil a little, it addresses their most pressing questions about the mysterious intimacy of an expert, and her mother. However, although the eight gave birth to daughters, she dodges. She is continuously overloaded with younger siblings and of running a large budget.

Also the way of the good, pious model pupil Baruch Levy others have already given. His parents, wealthy and respected businessman, wish her will for the coronation of family prestige Rabbi “Wunderkind”. And he shall study at a Jerusalem yeshiva elite. Now it is a girl of graceful shape noticed at a wedding celebration in the synagogue. Through a peephole in the partition between the men’s and the women’s field, he has secretly cast an eye on them and taken a liking to her.

But first dedicate his mother before any further rapprochement must Baruch. A hard to participating to hurdle, because Mrs. Levy has clear ideas who married her son (New York financial nobility) and who not determined (destitute Eastern European village rabbi derivatives such as the Kaufman). They will leave no stone unturned to defeat Baruch connection with Chani.

Despite all obstacles and devious machinations, can drive onto the Mrs. Levy, the good Baruch and confident Chani in November 2008, a pair of. The multi-day wedding ceremony is the setting of the novel. In the internal part, we have two in a sense opposite developments. On one hand, Baruch and Hani approach each other until their marriage, on the other hand, two other, more mature spouse from each other until their years of marriage breaks. What happened Rebecca Reuben and Chaim Zilberman, could be construed as a warning for the younger connection between Baruch and Chani.

Rebecca learns Chaim 1981 know in Jerusalem. The initially turbulent student relationship loses its cheerful detachment while Chaim dedicated to the Torah. His study of the strict religious laws and rituals changed him and affected the common life and their togetherness. A phase fresh happiness brings them the birth of a son. But when this after only three years in a tragic accident dies and Rebecca at Chaim neither kindness still finds emotional support, she plunges into an inner emptiness. Before their marriage breaks completely, they escape from the place of terrible, sad memories and dedicate themselves far away a new task. When Rabbi and Rebbetzin they take over the community Golders Green in London.

For the love Rebecca gave up a lot, exchanged mini against “carpet sweeper”. Rock, swallowed the “drug spirituality,” and yet she has never managed to arrive where Chaim is located. Outwardly, she does what is expected of her, but in her raging “tumult” germinates rebellion. She feels her life is always stronger than “hypocrisy” as “hide and seek”. In the closet a TV was closed until recently. Now Chaim has “an open sewer,” banished this “window of sin,” “Sodom and Gomorrah in the houses” finally out of the house after Rebecca had from pulled out and secretly. Now the “holy husband at her side” dictates that Rebecca had to refrain from shopping by bicycle.

It was not “appropriate” for a Rebbetzin Ironically, this split in Mrs. Chani is preparing for the imminent wedding and their future married life before, you should explain the most important orthodox laws. For example, that the “ritually unclean” menstrual blood represents a “kind of death.” Would the man in contact with it, “he would his soul with lifelessness spot”. Therefore, the cleaning dives at the women the most important “pillars” are marriage.

With warm understanding and many pinches of fine irony, the author describes her characters she portrays differentiated and emerge in a different light to their various trains let the amiable as well as the questionable, the tragic and the comic and tragicomic. We read wonderful scenes – amusing as when the poor couple businessman with daughter Chani purpose of acquaintance to dinner at the classy Levy residence is loaded ( “gilded wallpaper” and servants), and revealing that bring Jewish life closer to us about from Sabbath ( “Schabbes”), the Jewish day of rest. For the housewife However, this is the horror working simply because it is for her to prepare for “ten people, five of them guests,” a rich meal.

Eve Harris puts on this subtly humorous way narrowness, pettiness and constraints merely that dominate life in an ultra-conservative, strictly controlled hierarchical communion, some as crash barriers on the way to a better afterlife, other than shackles in a worldly hell. Bittersweet touch the marriage scenes between Rebecca and Chaim. Even in life-threatening situations, the rabbi finds its orientation in religion. Exactly that however desperate the Rebbetzin. Between desire for freedom and the postulate of self-sacrifice it is in a tragic conflict, as a socially recognized existence with Chaim and three children just to have when she surrenders to the orthodox rules.

The author Eve Harris ( ) born in 1973 in London is familiar with both worlds. The daughter of Polish-Israeli parents taught for twelve years at Catholic and Orthodox Jewish girls’ schools in London and Tel Aviv. Her debut novel was on the selection lists for the Man Booker Prize 2013 and the National Jewish Book Awards, 2014.

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"The wedding of Chani Kaufman" be Eve Harris
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