Sir Robert Peel Paper Sir Robert Peel, Britain’s home secretary felt that preventing crimes and reforming criminals would have a more positive effect on society rather than punishing them (Williams) 2003. This research paper will describe how policing was handled in the early centuries as opposed to policing in America today. This research paper will explain the impact that Sir Robert Peel had on American policing. In the early centuries criminals were punished quite differently.

Up until the last two hundred years most societies relied upon citizens and communities to ensure that laws were upheld and criminals apprehended (Grant) 2008.

When crimes were committed citizens and communities usually took the law in their own hands and decided what the punishment would be. According to Grant (2008), within early societies justice was typically an individual matter. As time went on different laws were passed to establish a more ordered justice system.

The Code of Hammurabi and Vigiles were established as society became more complicated.

The Code of Hammurabi took the power of punishment out of individual’s hands and made the law more consistent. Vigiles were used to keep the peace and investigate crimes. Different organizations were formed to help enforce the law. Shires, tithings, shire reeves, constables and posses were all systems of the law. These establishments were just the beginning of trying to develop a well organized justice system.

Sir Robert Peel Policing

After many years of trying to establish a system to help prevent criminal acts, there was still not a successful law enforcement act put in to place until the 1800’s.

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According to Grant (2008), Sir Robert Peel established London Metropolitan Police and eventually passed the London Metropolitan Act 1829 which provided funds for development of policing. Sir Robert Peel developed a set of principles that police officers should abide by that are still relevant intoday’s society.

These principles are still being used in law enforcement today. Because of the Metropolitan Act and the nine principles that were established by Sir Robert Peel, law enforcers are easily recognized and respected. The principles make sure that law enforcers serve the citizens and communities to the best of their abilityFinally we understand the impact of Sir Robert Peel on American policing and its history. Sir Robert Peel’s main focus was to establish a system that would work for citizens as well as police. His principles are used by law enforcement in society. Sir Robert Peel established order within the justice system and made it easy for the public to cooperate when solving crimes.

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