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The versatility of banana itself and its peel goes a long way. Aside from the fact that banana is full of vitamins and minerals, and is used in beauty regimen, its peel is also utilized in so many ways; from skin care regimen, to fertilizer and now to whiten teeth. Using banana peel as teeth whitening is considered extremely safe and healthy because it is not only the flesh of the banana that contains vitamins and minerals but the peel as well.

Banana peel has no coarseness that other natural whiteners have and most of all they are not costly.

Essay Example on How To Whiten Teeth With Banana

Tip #1: Unpeel the Banana from Bottom End

Whiten Teeth with Banana PeelBrush your teeth that way you do regularly with natural toothpaste or you can utilize the banana peel initially and subsequently brush your teeth again using your regular toothpaste.

It is important that you utilize ripe banana because it has the most potassium content.

Unpeel the banana from the bottom end just like the way the monkey do it so that it will save you from having all those slack threads.

Tip #2: Tenderly Massage Banana Peel on Teeth

Get a piece of the interior part of the banana peel and tenderly massage all aroun your teeth for approximately two minutes. The remarkable minerals within the peel such as potassium, magnesium and manganese will be soaked up into your teeth and whiten them.

Tip #3: Whiten Teeth with Banana Peel

Do the similar process again at night or before going to bed to whiten your teeth.

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Letting the banana peel remain longer is not obligatory, but if you have discolorations that require a more thorough way of treatment, you can try leaving the banana peel or rub on your teeth for a longer period.

Tip #4: White Teeth Smile

It is important that you should perform the banana peel course of therapy two times a day to notice whitening of the teeth. Once you had achieved the purpose, you can already smile and share your amazing teeth whitening secret.

Tip #5: Whiten Teeth and Save the Leftovers of Banana Peel

You do not have to discard previous banana peels, you can save them. They can become a superb mineral fertilizer for plants if desiccated and crushed up and scatter on the soil once every month. Your plants will feel affection for you if you put natural fertilizer on them.

Additional Reminders

Reminder 1: Bananas will have lengthier shelf life if you will hang them on banana rack in room temperature.

Reminder 2: The bits and pieces of banana peel can be sliced and placed inside the freezer for future utilization. Even if the color of banana peel had already changed, you can still utilize it and the scraps can be utilized for fertilizer.

Reminder 3: It is important to scrutinize first all whitening procedures prior attempting to use one because there are lots of individuals who are now encountering predicaments from different teeth whitening procedures.

Using banana peel for teeth whitening might be the most natural means to experiment with. Why not try banana peel first instead of undergoing immediately abrasive procedures for teeth whitening.

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