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Computers are an important part of everyday life. Computers and their technology give us access to a great volume of information that makes it easier to be a successful student. Years ago, computers were not an option and our resources were mostly in books, films and libraries. Although having access to a computer is good, computer literacy is a must. Having basic computer skills assist students in achieving success in school and in their professional environment. It is important to be able to process and present information as a student and employee.

The consequences of having poor computer skills could lead to poor performance in school which would include not turning in assignments, doing effective research, and having access to important information.

One of the consequences to having poor computer skills particularly at Chattahoochee Technical College is the inability to turn in required assignments. All class work and tests are done on computer. If anyone does not have any aptitude in this area would make it harder to pass classes and obtain a degree.

For example, we are required to use the computer to register classes, take the entrance exam and even apply for graduation. The end result would be no admission or graduation from your college. Currently, all of our homework must be typed on a computer and submitted to our teacher through a database system. If a student does not have basic computer skills, they will not be able to complete required assignments. This particular student would not be able to get a passing grade for their assignments.

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Chattahoochee Technical College uses a computer database that will not accept hand-written work. We are always required to use discussion board in our classes, which is also counted towards our grade. Discussion board is computer system that has students comment on other students’ papers which has to be done online. There is a certain format that we are required to use when completing essays. The formats are MLA or APA and each is used while completing an essay. When a student has the appropriate computer skills, they can complete an essay with ease.

Secondly, research will be burdensome without a computer. Research is very important for students because it helps them to have a detailed analysis of the subject they are researching. CTC students has assignments that may require them to do further research and gather more information concerning a subject or topic. More research is required as students take more courses. This is when the importance of knowing how to follow the Internet becomes an important skill. Doing a library search is still a good way to find information but using the internet is easier and faster. A student most know how to open a browser before conducting his searches. Using good computer skills consist of understanding websites, webpages and how to find information fast and simply. This research is mostly found on the Internet and having poor computer skills could be a time issue for dated assignments. Since most homework and assignments are due on Sunday, this could be a problem for any student that does not have any computer or research skills. When a homework assignment is due and a student did not submit the required homework, the teacher could give the student a failing grade.

Third, the details of student life are used through a computer and available online. If students need to contact a teacher or another student, they will use email. When a student is out of has some type of emergency, they may need to use email to contact someone. Having certain computer skills is a part of communicating with your teacher and classmates.

As a student, it is so important to know basic emailing skills to turn in assignments and contact the teacher. It is important to know how to access the email system CTC uses and knowing how to use your passwords. Using good computer skills will help a student keep in daily contact with his or her teacher, school officials and other students. Knowing how to get to the syllabus is most important. The syllabus gives students all the assignments for the semester. Some teachers print this out for the students, but not all of them. The students have to be able to use a computer to know all this course information which is located on the computer. We can check for our grades to make sure we are on track to pass our classes. All the courses are online when a student need to pre-register for a semester and to know which classes to sign up for.

Computers revolutionize the way we study and enhance our education. Computers make education easier and faster. The icing on the cake is to have good computer skills along with the advanced technology. The opportunities will be limitless for a student that has good compute skills. It will also make any student feel comfortable around their peers and make learning an equal opportunity. A student with good computer skills will feel like they can participate in class and be knowledge about the subject or topics. If a student does not have good computer skills, they can take a basic computer skills class. Some libraries offer free basic computer skills classes. A student could also get another student to assist them in learning how to use the computer unto they feel comfortable enough to complete assignments on their own. There is also a required class at CTC for most students who are enrolled in a program. They must practice to become computer literate because their college life will be easier and productive.

In conclusion, computer skills are important to be successful as a student. A student should type at least 40+ words per minute and be accurate. They must know some type of word processing system to complete assignments and research work. When a student has to present a project, it would nice to know some presentation techniques to make it more interesting and creative. Again, having good computer research skills to submit a good paper or essay to the teacher for a great grade. The effects of having poor computer skills will not allow any student to be successful in their college and social life.

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