Kinesiology in Everyday Life

Why are you taking this class? What classes are you currently enrolled in? What is you interest in this subject? Be specific. Add anything else about yourself that is relevant to the class. What are your goals in life? What do you expect to get out of this class? Is your goal to transfer, get an AA, etc… What University would you like to transfer to?

Hello everyone. My name is Navapol Tungsirisakulchai, or you can refer me as Kevin. I am currently enrolled in KIN-12, GEG-3, COM-9, ANT-8, HES-1, and POL-1.

I have previously taken Kinesiology courses at RCC and find it very useful in everyday life. For instance, KIN36 which is Wellness and Lifestyle Choices helps me understand the various strategies to maintain a healthy life both physically and mentally. In addition, KIN4 or Nutrition is also a course that benefits me by teaching me the nutritional facts and reveals how eating could affect our diet.

This urges me to take another class in the field of kinesiology.

Although it is not required for my major, I am very interested in taking KIN-12 as an elective in order to transfer to 4-year institution. This is my second year at RCC, and I have been taking some online courses ever since. Even though we do not actually meet in person, I expect received a lot from learning in an enhanced environment like this. My academic goal is to earn an Associate degree in Arts and transfer to UCR as an Anthropology major.

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My ultimate goal in life is to become an Anthropologist and be able to travel around the world to discover different cultural settings.

As a human-being, I believe we should have prior knowledge of nutrition we consume in a daily basis as it affects our health both physically and mentally. Therefore, I am confident enrolling in this course will provide me efficient and productive strategies in maintaining a well-being health condition. Moreover, it also will be beneficial for me to apply such lessons from this course to my future career.

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