The following example essay on “Care & Action for Strays” is an overview of is a private, non-profit organization striving to develop the lives of the strays in Brunei and it only contains animals such as dogs or cats.

Although they do not have a physical shelter as according to them it is to stop or block more undesired dogs/cats dumped at their doorstop or feeding sites so all their address details will not be revealed but it is known that they are apparently located in Bandar Seri Begawan the capital city of Brunei and all their dogs are staying in foster families and feeding sites.

Care & Actions for Strays at this moment is very small unofficial network of individuals who contribute their free time towards helping homeless animals, within the capability that they are able to, because of the insufficient amount of operational and financial resources, they are unable to help all animals in need

There are no more foster homes available at the moment as it is unable to take in all homeless animal as they cannot set up a physical shelter for various reasons.

According to them unfortunately the adoption rates are immensely low, and most of the homeless animals that are promoted or publicized for adoption often times does not find their home. The least they can do is publicize that there are stray animals with an expectation that they get a request for adoption.

According to the organization a group of friends has set up Care & Action for Strays and Their mission is to educate the public the value of sterilizing or castrating to control pet overpopulation, against animals abuse, killings, poisoning and pets ownerships accountability as there are many Bruneians who are still unknowledgeable about animals well-being.

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Their goal is to educate as many people as they can and that are in need of our support. According to them  One of our humble request is to encourage adoption instead of buying pets, feed hungry dogs/cats and to not throw stones or whatnot at them, it would mean a lot to us if could at least spend less than 5 minutes.

Prepare to have your dogs, and any homeless pets that you are familiar with, spayed to prevent further overpopulation. Make sure that all animals, including homeless pets, can obtain food ,water , basic shelter, and medical care

Make an effort and search for a chain-free and cage-free home yourself for any strays that you are familiar with by advertising through your Facebook page or any social medias. Make sure that these homeless animals are sheltered in a safe environment away from dangerous people and away from the road

Their most main adoption condition is NO CHAINING and NO CAGING. In their Facebook page or blog. Below a page namely Dogs/Cats for Adoption. You can choose which dogs or cat you would like to adopt. You can even email them to [email protected] and are advised to give detailed home address and contact. A brief description of family background e.g. family members, if they are cat or dog lover, if there are other pets and so on they will also make a house check up just to confirm that your house is suitable and that your family is ready for a new pet.

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