Candide by Voltaire Thesis Statement

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Plot and Meaning of Candide

Not everything is all for the best.

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The novel Candide by Voltaire delved into the wretchednesss of work forces. political relations and faith where every unfortunate event that happens to the person is to be accepted since it is all for the best. Many times in the novel.

Candide’s esteemed professor. Pangloss remarked that “Everything is all for the best” . For his portion. Voltaire seems to be oppugning the construct of fatalism. Fatalism is the position that persons are powerless to make anything other that what we really do. It seems dry that Candide remains optimistic despite all that he had experienced ; the ostracism from the palace. the whipping by the soldiers and the sinking of the ship.

All these events would hold made a weaker adult male autumn on his articulatio genuss and cuss the celestial spheres ; but non Candide.

After all. everything is for the best. Nevertheless. Candide retains his good will. generousness and ironically. his optimism. The construct of fatalism is taking the easy manner out.

There are many cases where Candide could hold avoided such unfortunate fortunes ; like losing his sheep every bit good as his hoarded wealth. Not merely that. he squandered his staying hoarded wealth to unworthy persons. Another case was when Candide was flogged. He simply accepted it. He was believing along the lines that everything is all for the best. But to believe about it. how unfair is it to be lashed a 1000 times for being misunderstood as deserting. In some manner. Voltaire was knocking citizens who could accept the unfair and irrational determinations of their authorities.

In connexion with the thought of fatalism is the construct of free will. If worlds were given the gift of free will. so the thought that everything is all for the best would be inconsistent. A individual who has free will would be capable of determining his or her ain fate. In stead of this. Candide should be able to alter the events that weren’t say to go on to him or if they did go on. so the consequence would non hold been so black or it could hold at least been minimized.

One illustration had been where Candide stabbed the Baron. Cunegonde’s brother. He could hold restrained himself and could hold conducted an unwritten statement alternatively. What Candide did was roseola and unwise that it was no surprise that it would stop disastrously. Today. a individual is expected to move and talk tactfully. There would be chaos if everyone wanted to hold their ain manner.

Another illustration was when Candide and his comrade were about eaten by the Oreillons but were saved because he killed a Jesuit. Cunegonde’s brother. the Baron. In this clip. Candide thanked his good luck for killing a Jesuit to avoid being eaten. It should hold crossed his head that if he had non stabbed the Baron. so they would hold non been in that state of affairs in the first topographic point. It is easy to fault every occurrence in life as portion of a expansive program. That everything is destined and fated. But if it is. so why is at that place free will?

It could non simply be some fast one to adult male to believe that he has control over the events in life. Changeless nisus to be better is what makes the universe go unit of ammunition. The find of unknown topographic points and chartless Waterss are the merchandise of motive and will of work forces. In kernel. man’s free will is the ground. All the effects of one’s actions are due to one’s interactions.

Candide’s optimism. naivete and artlessness may hold drawn its beginning from Mademoiselle Cunegonde. She’s beautiful and charming and guileless. To Candide. she’s the one ground to stay living despite all the wretchednesss of the universe. In some ways. she had besides been the ground why in the ulterior portion of the novel. Candide encountered many unfortunate events. He even left the Utopian universe of El Dorado merely to be with his darling Cunegonde. Cunegonde symbolizes Candide’s optimism.

In the novel. Voltaire besides portrays the human being’s love of life. The old adult female was acknowledged as the individual who encountered the most unfortunate wretchednesss. However. in malice of all that. she’s admits that she still loves life and ne’er would she hold killed herself.

The “All for the best” construct was eventually refuted and rejected by Candide. In the novel. Pangloss said to Candide “All events are linked up in this best of all possible universes ; for. if you had non been expelled from the baronial palace by difficult boots in your rear for love of Mademoiselle Cunegonde. if you had non been clapped into the Inquisition. if you had non wandered about America on pes. if you had non stuck your blade in the Baron. if you had non lost all your sheep from the land of El Dorado. you would non be eating sugar-coated citrons and Pistacia veras here” . Upon which Candide replied. “Tis good said. but we must cultivate our gardens” . ( Voltaire. 1949 )

This shows that nil happens without a ground. Many times in the novel. cause and consequence was mentioned. That is right ; everything that happens would hold an equal consequence. Every action has an equal reaction. Even every bit simple as turning fruits and veggies is tantamount to yearss and darks of difficult work. They did non merely as if by magic appear from the land or fallen from Eden. It’s the same with what happened to Candide and his comrades. Some events may hold been the act of God. but it is up to adult male to guarantee that everything would be all right.

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