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BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) is one of the most popular Kpop boy groups in the market. From their amazing songs to their top-notch choreography they are everything men and women love but did you know how it all began. How did BTS become one of the most successful boy groups out there? Well, it all began with one song.

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan is a Korean boy group under the company Big Hit Entertainment. Despite popular belief, they weren’t popular right off the bat like some other k-pop groups were most likely because of the small company they came from.

In 2013, they debuted with the (most iconic) song “No More Dream,” a song about how young people these days “dream big” and end up struggling because they don’t meet their unrealistic goals. It gained a bit of attention, mostly because of one of the member’s Jimin’s abs, but it didn’t bring in enough to consider them noticeable.

After that, they came out with their second song “N.O.” which didn’t gain any attention really and is referred to as a “comeback failure.” Their 2014 comeback “Danger” didn’t do any better either and they were losing hope until 2015 when they had a sudden rise of popularity with their song “I Need You” and that’s where their legacy starts.

In the video, each of the seven boys tells a specific story of the pain and hardships of youth. The song itself is about the dying relationship between two lovers.

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In the context of the music video, it is about the dying relationship between a young person and their, well, basically their youth, happiness, and even life. The common theme is that even though the boys have their problems, they were able to forget them when together, having a good time. BTS uses the traditional Chinese structure called Kishōtenketsu(起承転結) or 기승전결 in Korean. There is one thing to bear in mind because Jin travels in time, the plot can start and end on the same date or set of dates; a story within a story. The time loop helps Jin mature.

The song starts with Suga. He’s in a motel room, with a romantic if not sexual innuendo. He seems all brooding, a lighter in hand: he’s playing with fire, as a personification of the depressed, angsty teenage mind. J-Hope is taking what seems like prescription pills, hinting that he is sick. He looks at his reflection in the water in the sink, where pills have dropped down. He’s struggling with the pain of being in between two states, childhood, and adulthood. J-hope is the embodiment of pain one can feel while growing up, not sure of where to stand anymore. V gets up and puts his black hood on. This will be a recurring symbol for adulthood throughout the HYYH Trilogy and beyond with the Fire MV, and a sub-text here for what V is about to do (enter “the void” of adulthood, as depicted in Run). He gives a last look around, as though to bid farewell to the place he grew up in, and to his childhood.

Scenes of happy times between the boys then flashback and get intertwined with the primary storyline. JungKook has been walking the streets aimlessly for hours; he bumps into some thugs who wear black hoodies, a symbol of adulthood. They beat him senseless but Kookie never defends himself and is left battered and bruised in a back alley. What is expressed here symbolically is how powerless he feels as a child in a world of adults who can decide for him and push him around at length (by being the youngest, he personifies youth more than any of the other boys): Jungkook is the embodiment of how helpless youth is against adulthood — and in more ways than one: he is defenseless and cannot turn things around until older (that’s why JungKook is actually in a hurry to grow up, as the Prologue and Run MVs will later show). But he also embodies here how helpless youth is against adulthood as a stage of life, predestined to be happening at some point by essence. He is being hit by adulthood and cannot do anything to stop it from happening.

The story explores key themes that are present in many societies including but not limited to the South Korean one. Each member in this alternate universe has a background story. As the storyline progresses, each member will have to let go of the things that make them unhappy to reach happiness. 7 boys One fate. Seokjin uses a time loop to try to save his friends from tragedy.

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