pop quiz #2 music 1010

The earliest polyphonic works were called

development of polyphony was centered in?

The medieval genre that employed polytextual settings was
the motet

The songs of the troubadours and trouvères were generally
monophonic with instrumental accompaniment

She was an Abbess, composer and author
Hildegard of Bingen

He was the earliest known composer at Notre Dame, and was involved in the development of polyphony.

The french composer who wrote the first complete polyphonic setting of the Ordinary of the Mass
Guillaume de Machaut

the second composer associated with Notre Dame and Polyphonic works

Setting each verse of a song to the same music is a formal structure called
strophic form

The reaction by the Catholic church to the spread of Protestantism was
the counter-reformation

One of the changes Protestant churches made concerning music was to sing in what language?
the vernacular

The composer credited with writing a Mass that was so beautiful and simple that it supposedly convinced the Council of Trent to reconsider abolishing polyphony was
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.

An Italian Renaissance secular musical genre with sentimental or erotic poetry was the

Music written to represent the literal meaning of the text uses a technique called
word painting

Arrangements of compositions for a medium other than those for which they were originally written are called

Bach used ________ as a basis for many of his sacred cantatas.


she was a prolific composer of secular cantatas.
barbar strozzi

A work frequently composed for solo instrument and consisting of a series of movements based on dance rhythms is called a

The group of musicians and scholars who “invented” opera while trying to recreate the spirit of Greek drama were the

the small group of solo instruments in the concerto grosso

the full orchestra in a concerto grosso

a repeated musical theme

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pop quiz #2 music 1010
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