Are Pop Stars Good Role Models for Children

Are Pop Stars Good Role Models

As children we are born into a world full of false hopes and false idols. These false hopes are those of many who have everlasting dreams of a person who will save them from their own struggles in life and be there to guide them into a better one. False idols of today are those who take the place of the actual heroes in everyday life. They take the place of the true martyrs and the true Heroes that risk their lives trying to make the dreams of many come true.

A lot has changed in a short amount of time.

The heroes we know and love today are not the same at the ones we knew yesterday. They have been falsified to create a new dominance of masculine heroes for boys and a snappy diva’s for girls. All of this is creating a new sensation of kids any young teens wanting to become something they’re not and unfortunately the heroes they idolize and look up too are nothing more than an actor in a costume or a lyrically confused diva who only lip sings to entertain an audience of millions and to save her career that has been hanging on by a thin line for many years.

The hero was distinguished by his achievements by his achievements: the celebrity by his image or trademark. The hero created himself; the celebrity was created by the media. The hero was a big man; the celebrity is a big name.

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” (Robert D. Ramsey) These supposed heroes were not created by themselves they were created by hype of media and critiques. Without them the pop star would be nothing more than a person in the crowd. These pop stars are more concerned with their own careers rather than how their actions affect the young viewers watching.

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People don’t realize that with enough popularity and money a pop star can become the worst nightmare a mother could want. Examples of this are of those who reenact every single detail of the pop star, whether it be the pop stars looks or in some cases the violent and crazed actions captured by media of the star gone wild, and unfortunately the kids catch on and apply this in the way they live. That’s how many become drugged crazed and alcoholics. Unfortunately this is a growing problem, but there is no help given its based on how these supposed heroes live their lives.

On some cases it’s good to have a hero; they give us the strength to keep moving forward despite what pushes us down in life. “Without heroes were all plain people and don’t know how far we can go. ” ( Barnard Mclamod) They give us the Acknowledgement of our own status by raising our hopes by doing things that none can do. They empower us with the morals of everyday life and they show us any way and every way to better ourselves by giving examples on how they live. Heroes by their very nature, serve as highly visible and sharply focused reflections of various qualities in their societies including morality” (Hughes-Hallet, Lucy That was before media had created new idols and new heroes. They have outshined all of the previous men and women who risk their lives in fighting for what they believe in. Yet none of these people are given the recognition they deserve. All of it is given to talented performers who get up on stage and are suddenly moralized by star crazed fanatics who want to live up to the person on stage.

These misconceptions on heroes are greatly exaggerated by today’s standards. Men are overly exaggerated in masculinity and other qualities most parents wouldn’t want in their child yet none will stand and fight this growing problem until it’s too late “for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke). Sooner or later more and more will be idolizing these celebs and because of this more and more will become just like replicas of them.

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Are Pop Stars Good Role Models for Children
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