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In the book Stone Cold Link starts off with a harsh life as his father goes off with a receptionist leaving him with his mother. His mum then gets a horrid boyfriend that makes disturbing comments to his mum in front of Link like taking her to bed and rounding the night off in a decent way. Vince also had a huge row with Link’s sister, Carole which made her go and live with her boyfriend. Then one night Link went to see his mates and Vince locked him out, not letting him in and not letting his mum to open the door either.

Link had enough and after that he left to become homeless. He moves to be homeless in London and meets a boy called Ginger and they hang out together until Ginger goes missing and Link gets really upset thinking that Ginger abandoned him rather than being kidnapped by a former army soldier called Shelter (What he likes to be called) discharged of medical grounds and thinks homeless people ruin the country.

Sooner or later Link finds a girl called Gail and doesn’t think that he can trust her but they still hang.

Link finally meets Shelter and falls into a trap by him and tries murdering Link. Gail finds out and calls the police. Turns out that Gail was just assessing homeless people to make a report as she was a reporter, and gave Link a wad of cash and leaves. Link is speechless and very angry.

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I think Robert Swindells wrote this book to show us that homeless people are just like us normal people that go to school or work but just don’t have a home or a life and society look down to them like lowly peasants and don’t help. I think that Robin Swindles really wants people to know the hard life the homeless have and we should not ignore them, but try and help them.

One way Robert Swindells makes us feel sympathetic is when he describes Link’s sleeping problems. And if you are, and do, you’re going to wake up with bruises on hips, shoulders, elbows, ankles and knees-especially if you’re a bit thin from not eating properly and don’t forget the cold. If you’ve ever tried dropping off to sleep with cold feet, even in bed, you’ll know it’s impossible. (Pg.42) This small part of the quote shows how miserable it is to sleep on the hard floor while being cold is absolute torture. The phrase Especially if you’re a bit thin from not eating properly also includes the idea of how homeless people aren’t able to afford food and are famished which also shows how hard life is for the homeless. The words Even in bed also show how poor the homeless are and that they can’t afford a sleeping bag, a room to stay or even food so they don’t starve, they only get to eat in limited amounts as if it is World War Two for them and they have to ration their food.

In addition, in one of Shelter’s Daily Routine Orders, we realise how regrettably true the final paragraph is. Cruel? I don’t think so. He’s neither cold nor hungry now. Nobody wanted him, so nobody will miss him, and there’s one less dosser to clutter up the place. Who loses? (Pg. 18) This reminds us of the depressing thoughts one homeless person may have, leading to suicide and then nobody caring. Later on, in the story a man’s daughter who was homeless goes missing but most people didn’t really care and that really makes us aware of what unhappy lives the homeless have knowing they mean nothing to the world, and also knowing that they can’t pursue their dreams if they ever had any. The few but effective words Cruel? I don’t think so. Are included to prove my statement and how cold hearted some people can be as they are human beings like us, with dreams and lives that they never had while we take most things for granted.

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