Blue Nile vs. Szul Analysis

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Both of the two company are internet-base. Blue Nile is the largest online jewelry retailer, and it offer consumers high quality products at compelling values. Szul is one of the first online jewelers, and it brings fine jewelry to the public at exceptional prices. Blue Nile The homepage is organized in a very straightforward, clean, easy to understand layout. Across the top of the home page, you are provided with quick links to Engagement, Jewelry, and Gift Ideas. They also provide education links to let the customers learn knowledge about diamonds and other jewelry.

Blue Nile is doing business over the world, so customers from different countries can select their location and languages to visit the website. In the products page when I simply clicked diamond rings, and you can further refine your selection by type, metal, materials or price. When your mouse hovers over the item, the details will show right beside it, it’s very convenient for customers to get to know their products.

To see more details, Blue Nile also provide a picture of a virtual hand to see how the ring looks like when you put it on.You also can share the ring via different kinds of social media, and next is customer reviews for the ring.


The homepage is also straightforward and easy to navigate. Szul also provide one day deal with a very attractive price to appeal customers. It’s time-limited and most are 85-90% off. Clearly, Szul has a very competitive price over its products in the jewelry market.

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See its diamond rings, you also can narrow your selection by types or price in Szul’s product page.A visible style selection, like fashion ring, three-stone ring are placed at the very top. Big deal products are provided in the products list to stimulate the consumer buying. Szul has big pictures to show details of the ring, and you can share the ring via facebook and twitter as well. Szul has reviews for its products, but the reviews are not written for a specific ring and it’s not very useful to read the reviews. Customization Both of the two companies have custom diamond jewelry and both of them have a very wide loose diamond selection. But Blue Nile has more options than Szul, like three-stone ring, five-stone ring, and it encourage the customers to build their own rings because they put ‘build your own’ banner everywhere on their website.

Traffic Rank

The number here means that there are nearly 13,000 sites with a better traffic rank than Bluenile. We know that Blue Nile is a large listed company and Szul is a relatively small and private company, so Blue Nile definitely has a much better rank and is more valuable than Szul, Time on site. These charts mean how much time a user spent on a website. Time on Blue Nile is relatively stable and is around 4 minutes, and time on Szul decreased from 6 min in June to 1 min now. Daily pageviews per user Another data here shows the daily pageviews per user, which means how many pages a user visiting in a day, it is also very stable and nearly 4 pages are viewed in Blue Nile, but the number in Szul has been decreasing since June, and people just view 1 or 2 pages then leave the site.

Social Media

Compare the two Facebook pages of this two companies, there are a big difference in it. Blue Nile has a lot of interactions on it, and it posted the picture of a ring bought by its customers, but Szul seems like there is nothing on it, it just doesn’t pay any attention to it. Mobile Blue Nile app is the essential interactive suite for anyone getting engaged. Customers can select or build their own rings, check out and purchase items, and share rings and jewelry through Email and Facebook on their iPhones. Szul doesn’t have its own app so far.

In conclusion features of Blue Nile are classic and quality and Szul’s are Style and Price. Major customers in Blue Nile have middle to high income and going to have an engagement, and they have high loyalty. Major customer in Szul has low to middle income, and they are younger and more fashionable. Blue Nile has a very consumer-focused approach to everything they do, like the educational materials to explain the diamond quality. It has well reputation and is doing global business, and it provide good customer experience, and it’s active in social media. Szul Offers low price by controlling supply chain, and it provides more types of jewelry and accessories like watches, tie accessories, and it has great potential to grow.


Blue Nile is facing a problem of their cost, so it should control the supply chain to increase its profit. It should promote product variety, not only focus on the rings. More payment method should be provided to international buyers. Szul should raise its brand awareness. It needs more advertising to appeal new and potential customers. It should improve the customer service to hold the current customers, and it should have more interaction with customers in social media which is essential to internet-based companies.

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