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Blue Zuma Project Paper

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Zuma Computer Exercise 2 Ziad Y. Mazboudi Project Management MGT 6529 Silver Zuma Project Computer Exercise 2 Blue Zuma Memorandum To: Professor From:Ziad Mazboudi Date:7/30/2011 Subject: Blue Zuma Project Part 2 memo This memo discusses resources allocation and related issues. In this memo, I will address specific questions regarding resources. 1. Which if any of the resources are over allocated? Using the Resource sheet in Microsoft Project, I found that four of the resources are over allocated: Marketing Specialist Design Engineer Industrial Engineer Purchasing Agent 2. Which activities involve over allocated resources?

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Using the Resource Usage in Microsoft Project, and reviewing the Gantt chart, I determined that the following activities are over allocated: Detailed marketing plan Detailed product design Install production equipment 3. Assume that the project is time constrained and try to resolve any over-allocation problems by leveling within slack. What happens? Using Microsoft Project, and leveling all activities with the leveling option to “level only within available slack”, two of the over allocated resources are not anymore, however there were two that remained over allocated, design engineer and industrial engineer, as shown in the table below.

Resource Name |Type |Initials |Group |Max. Units |Std. Rate |Ovt. Rate |Cost/Use |Accrue At |Base Calendar |Over allocated | |Marketing Specialist |Work |MS |Marketing |400% |$60. 00/hr |$0. 00/hr |$0. 00 |Prorated |Calendar 2 |No | |Design Engineer |Work |DesE |Design |400% |$90. 00/hr |$0. 00/hr |$0. 00 |Prorated |Calendar 2 |Yes | |Development engineer |Work |DevE |Development |400% |$80. 00/hr |$0. 00/hr |$0. 00 |Prorated |Calendar 2 |No | |Industrial engineer |Work |IE |Industrial |400% |$70. 00/hr |$0. 00/hr |$0. 00 |Prorated |Calendar 2 |Yes | |Purchasing agent |Work |PA |Purchasing |100% |$50. 0/hr |$0. 00/hr |$0. 00 |Prorated |Calendar 2 |No | | 4. What is the impact of leveling within slack on the sensitivity of the network? Include a Gantt chart with the schedule table after leveling within slack. Leveling within slack affects the sensitivity of the network extensively. When one levels resources, some over allocated resources become allocated, however the network changes, and becomes more complex, sometimes resulting in changes to the critical path. At times, you could end up with multiple critical paths, since one is leveling with slack and could eliminate all slack.

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The network diagram before leveling resources, showing the critical path in red The network diagram after leveling resources. Part 2-B After the resources are assigned, the project now takes 290 days to complete. As a result of resource assignment, the project was delayed by 40 days, going from 250 days to 290 days. Resources can have significant impact on a schedule. If this project had liquidated damages, it would have had significant financial impact on the company, so making sure that adequate resources are available is crucial to the timely completion or delay of a project. [pic] Gantt Chart of the project with schedule

Blue Zuma Project

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