"Blood on Snow: The order" by Jo Nesbø

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Good-bye, Harry Hole! With his new thriller, the Norwegian author Jo Nesbø bestseller has undergone a radical change. The legendary series hero Harry Hole, a policeman of the broken variety, which it owes worldwide fame and prosperity, he retires. In its place one for which the Decommissioned probably would have applied only contempt occurs. The new stands on the other side of the law – Olav Johansen is a murderer, and worse, a wimp. At least at first glance.

“Blood on Snow: The job”, translated by Günther Frauenlobstraße, set in the year 1977 just before Christmas in the then peaceful Oslo.

Drug trafficking on the “Russia route” has just established, but organized crime is still in its infancy. Particularly assertive and smart Daniel Hoffmann has acted, who has been studying in Oxford maintains a soft spot for the British sophistication and wishes to be addressed as “Sir”. Now he puts one on my body, called the one only “fishermen”. Unlike the other “charlatans” and “amateurs” who are all over the trafficking in women and on the heroin market, “the fisherman” not an idiot, but a serious competitor.

Well, that Hoffmann to the can support services of a reliable freelancer. Olav Johansen manages it all the annoying problems from the neck. Without much ado he takes his orders from, collects his pay and that’s it. His job title is “clerk”, commonly known as assassin, and “expedited” People are mostly of the fisherman.

The business situation is optimal. As narrator says Olav, push all the many junkies from so much money that both Hoffmann and the fishermen to enjoy an adequate livelihood.

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Their deadly cockfighting holds Olav simply nonsensical and unnecessary. There are just two men, both absolutely “[have] my talent to submit to” not “just zuzudrücken times an eye”.

Olav Johansen poses as a criminal paradoxical way, as a gentle capital criminals. When he was not murdered, he leads a quiet, withdrawn, lonely private life. Although dyslexic, he strives patiently in letter writing ( “I write slowly than a stalactite grows”). Above all, he likes to read, sensitive and understanding. His favorite book, “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo, touched his sensitive heart since childhood, and since then he quarrels with the fate of the protagonist Jean Valjean. Years of imprisonment, simply because he had stolen a piece of bread for the starving children of his sister? to acquire and then only the desire to “forgiveness for his sins” and be a “good man”? That takes Olav the author not from – and write the story so that Jean Valjean stands as “good killers.” Thus Olav stylt quasi themselves.

How should such a “weak, sensitive little soul” as Olav earn his bread? What has he not tried everything. After robberies him to put a guilty conscience because he has caused to the victims dire psychological consequences. As a getaway driver disqualified him be conspicuously inconspicuous driving style, the recently promoted him and two others to jail. Drug deal drugs, collect money? Not for one that is “barely manages to count to ten.” And a commitment to Prostitutionsmetier his heart is too soft, it loses his head slightly. After all, the list is its not so prissy resume from.

Quite pragmatically Olav has weighed up what he can and can not do. Finally, he is just a “clerk” to use, and he consoles himself with the fact that he only kills men, “who deserve it somehow.” I was, however, absolutely fond “The job”. A manageable crime of almost two hundred pages, also opened visually apart. In sharp contrast to the complex, playing on dozens of levels and locations Harry Hole Thriller The plot is easy to follow here and beneficial stringently processed as in “classic” models from the seventies. A retro-thriller is certainly not. rather, it offers the proven Nesbø-ingredients and enough material to the reader to impress fully and to surprise again and again, because Olav gets violently in the crossfire of rival gangs, leaving behind a lot of “Expedierte”.

Undoubtedly recorded the amazing character of the protagonist surprise most points in favor of the “new Nesbø.” Olav Johansen is an intelligent and amusing Tiefstapler with fine humor and self-irony. His narrative style is catchy, concise, accurate, objective and unemotional, but waits with poetic hints when literature or love bring his delicate strings to sound. But it is not long until we see through the spectacle of this talented actor self. In reality, a hard-nosed Vollprofi as did bring him in anything from the rest .

With this clever head Jo Nesbø has created a colorful character who has a lot of potential for further consequences. But gemach – the future is not Olav Johansen. “Jo Nesbø:” Blood On Snow end of February 2016 “Blood On Snow The hiding place.”

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"Blood on Snow: The order" by Jo Nesbø
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