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Around the clock guard police the mysterious person who is in the ICU of the Imperial Hospital of Oslo. It is hoped that the patient is out of the coma wakes up, because his statement could be the missing piece of the puzzle to an old case finally clear up

The Nesbø fan remembers once. That one is resting in a hospital bed, no one can be different than Harry Hole, the legendary protagonist from now already nine bestselling thrillers of clever Norwegian author.

Harry Hole had come to live dangerously close to his last, spectacularly exciting event “The larva” a Russian drug lord. But is raised as the bed sheet, it turns out. Harry is not the Nesbø fan not disappointed that because he loves it that its author about him again and again by the nose. What great phrases he likes tenth in Harry Holes case still have up your sleeve? The not-yet-Nesbø fan, however, a bit could be frustrated in retrospect, because the storyline around the coma patient is badly protracted until he’s pretty worn out

the case can be summarized in a few sentences.

A picky serial killer going around in Oslo. In the sights he has only policemen. He attracts crime scenes, where a few years ago, the same day, at the same time, crimes were committed, which could not be clarified.

Nesbø from this developed a very complex plot. The Nesbø fan will say that it is designed with virtuosity and harmonious. The not-yet-Nesbø fan could they find overweight.

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Those who do not work ahead consistently every day, in this six hundred-page tome, despite the helpful people directory have trouble to keep all the strings in his hand. Because the author sends us on multiple levels of action, to numerous main and side scenes and in some dead ends. It builds on a number of characters that we trust sneaky murders. often the we go its false leads belonging to the glue.

Nesbø makes a high, we chase after him and sacrifice many hours of sleep to catch up. In vain. Its perpetrators by the author namely always pretty shaded and draws its motive only at the end as a rabbit out of the hat: “He kills out of love, not out of hatred, greed or any sadistic impulses.” As an “apostle of justice,” he feels chosen to kill policemen, “their responsibility not meet, can be controlled by laziness and indifference”. All well and good, but it still gapes a corresponding plausibility gap between the unbridled bestiality of Polizistenschlächterei and hitherto carefully built discreetly silent-Vita of the offender. But well – we want to be so deceived until the end, and besides Nesbø actually remains loyal to the very last page … Keep your eyes open

Back on “Go!”. When Harry Hole is not allowed to cross the coma station back to the crime life like then? What happened to him? he lives at all? Over more than a third way his mind about the investigation team to Katrine Bratt, Beate Lønn, Gunnar Hagen and police psychologist alone blowing Stale Aune. “What Harry has always said intuition is just the sum of many small things that can hold even in words the brain?”.

Two hundred pages long holds Nesbø tight; then we may Readers will learn what is a secret for no one else: The experienced investigators are now on his knowledge to the next generation of musicians. In the crowded auditorium of Room for the police academy, he explains from future state and civil guards his motto: “Find the subject and you have the perpetrator.” Only a very strong motive could anyone drive to overcome “psychological threshold” which “rational and emotionally normal people” protects against the killing of a fellow human. (At this theory measured convince perpetrators and motive of this case, unfortunately, not quite.)

Long one does not need to ask the teacher until he agrees to participate in the education of the police killings. He does not know he’s so even puts his life in jeopardy luck. The brutal cop killer brings namely Harry’s longtime mistress doctor and her son Oleg in his power. Only with a trick, it is possible to free the two. Otherwise Harry would be a> Lonesome Wolf

Although violence and brutal atrocities in Nesbø never stay, but in “Politi” (translated by Günther Frauenlobstraße) he drives it is not nearly as much as in the previous bloody novels. Finally, all the intrigue, political machinations, ruthless egoism and murder conspiracy, with which the author shocked us bad enough for “rational and emotionally normal people”.

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