Analysis of the Effects of Population Growth


The United Nations hired me as one of their consultants. To provide an analysis of how worldwide populace development has caused several issues such as; (our dear Earth’s ecosystem exerts a little bit more work than ever before because we rely on it that much). And how it influences environmental change or populace development. One of the developing countries that I choose is the Philippines because it’s one of the countries that gas emissions were releasing a ton of greenhouses gases because of the chemical reactions that are coming out from those big machinery factories.

So, what are we waiting for? It’s time to start caring for our only beloved planet (Earth) because we only have one. We must preserve its natural beauty for the next generation to see.

This proposal will provide three sections that will guide us to demystify each section. Section (I) will bring us about the meaning of greenhouse gases and how they play a part in global warming.

Section (II) talks about the significant culprits or significant contributors to who’s countries produce the most greenhouse gases. Additionally, we will examine the political, security, and economic challenges from the country we choose. Finally, Section (III) will explore the causes of greenhouses gases, the potential solutions to prevent the objectives we identified and, the correlation between greenhouse gas emissions and population control.


Greenhouse gases that make up the earth’s atmosphere were carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, to name a few.

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Greenhouse gases can be described as the chemical compounds present in the earth’s atmosphere. The three gases that I mention above allow direct sunlight to reach the earth’s surface (NOAA, 1). Additionally, utilizing these three gases can be useful if they are in the right quantity. They play an essential role, which is they’re encircled around the earth, which acts as a sort of light blanket when the sun’s shine sun rays to the earth, are absorbed by the planet. However, most of these rays are reflected into the atmosphere; the greenhouse gases trap most of the heat from these rays. Then releases that sun rays they collected and will discharge around the earth. Now, I did mention that greenhouse gases are good because it protects us from the sun rays of the sun.

However, we are producing much more greenhouse gases because we have factories, trucks, cars, businesses, home, shopping centers, school, etc. In which all of these require an energy to be powered. All of the smoke generated from powering energy has a lot of methane and carbon dioxide which is drastically increasing the amount of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, trees and plants breath in carbon dioxide reducing this from our atmosphere and keeping a balance of greenhouse gases however humans are cutting down more and more trees because we need space for expanding cities. According to the converse energy future, as these gases increases, the layer of our greenhouse gases that’s encircle around the earth, is getting thicker. Earth sun’s ray is not able to bounce back to the space, results of sun’s rays is trapped inside our atmosphere. The world is getting warmer and warmer, we call this global warming (2).

How Emissions Cause Problems for the Developing World

It’s undeniable that the most responsible countries cause the most greenhouses gases is the developed countries. The top five countries that were responsible according to Investopedia are china (9.8 billion metric tons of CO2), U.S (approximately 5.3 billion metric tons of CO2), India (2.5 billion metric tons of CO2), following Russia (comes with 1.7 billion metric tons), and finally Japan (1.2 billion metric tons of CO2). It’s indisputable that most of the developed countries were the major culprit of greenhouse gases (3).

There were numerous economic challenges we’ll be facing with these emissions. One of the major ones is the per-capita productivity. Expected to be influenced by environmental changes because of diminishes in labor profitability under high-temperature conditions. Additionally, because of reduces agricultural yields, assets are redirected into adjustment endeavors. It’s undeniable that developed countries such as the United States, China, and India’s GDP will reduce exponentially. However, according to the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America ), the positive results for climate change will be beneficial as we are producing more carbon-free technologies (4). Relating this scenario, where I’m from, and the country I choose (Philippines), is not an easy fix. As the climate reality project mention, there would be no easy solution to fix this problem. The first thing we can do is to educate our fellow citizens (5). A lot will be listening, and yes, there would be some number of people who were not interested. However, we need to let them know what’s our nation is currently facing.

It’s no longer a statement If climate change is a threat to our nation; yes, it’s a grave threat to our national security. It’s our fault, humans, why we’re facing this kind of issue. We need to take immediate action. I’ve seen a lot of articles and commercials that promise to stop deforestation. Additionally, I noticed one of the developed countries such as the U.S experiencing droughts, floods, wildfires, storms, hurricanes, and there’s so much more. Furthermore, according to Lieberman, In the interim, a warming atmosphere is altogether hindering military testing and preparing, with an expanded number of suspended, deferred, or dropped open-air occasions (Liebman, 6). Therefore, we need to open our minds of how grave a threat the climate change can be if we did not act right away.

As a citizen of this country, we need to form a public group that will persuade political leaders to take activities in light of environmental change. One of the challenges we are facing with politics is the developed countries can be hard to convince. Because the current generations mainly rely on jobs and benefits were, the emissions of greenhouse gases had been significantly utilized. These benefits they’re receiving were unlikely to see in their lifetime. No government official in a developed nation can seek after approaches that undermine financial development and battle against poverty. A United States technique for reacting to environmental change should along these lines incorporate careful thought of which data, motivations, and guidelines (gave by which level of government) will most successfully connect with and encourage savvy essential leadership. According to Chen, Opening the sustainable power source potential in the Philippines relies upon whether President Duterte can be increasingly accurate. Additionally, progressively resolved to hold his words to his kin and the worldwide network, just as to execute strategies that boost the quick and smooth vitality change (Chen, 7). At the same time, in different settings, increasingly dynamic arrangement direction and coordination power are required to prevent the overhead of political challenges.

Causes of Greenhouse Gases and Solutions to the Problems Greenhouse Gases Cause

There are numerous causes of greenhouse gases. This tendency is not caused by the variations of the Earth’s orbit. But very likely caused by human activities. The first one relates to recent human activities. That increased the usage, and we’re releasing more of non-naturally occurring greenhouse gases. The population skyrocketed, the demands started to grow; therefore, we need to burn more fossil fuels. The second cause of greenhouse gases; as the population started to increase, the demands increase as well. Therefore, we would need the components of trees to build houses and buildings. Now, this is extremely alarming. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, ‘At the point when trees are chopped down and consumed or permitted to decay, their put away carbon is discharged into the air as carbon dioxide’ (8).

Although its consequences can be planet threatening. Scientists and the people that were against the bad effect of greenhouse gases, still believe there are things we can do on a personal level to help. We can start on the basics. We can recycle and reuse things. Instead of driving your car to your destination or work, we can use public transportation that were eco-friendly. Turn of your electronics when you’re not using them. Eat less meat, and while your at it, eat more vegetables. Union of Concerned Scientist stated, “fortunately tropical deforestation is being decreased. Thanks to the variety of approaches from corporate deforestation-free commitments” (9). Finally, probably the most important of all, spread your knowledge and concerns about the climate change with others.

The worldwide populace is proceeding to rise, however, more gradually. Be that as it may, global discharges of carbon dioxide have flatlined. It is anything but a balanced relationship. However, there is a healthy relationship. For a few centuries, more individuals implied significantly more carbon dioxide, which all the more firmly followed total national output on a coordinated proportion. As nations got more extravagant, that was reflected in their GDP and their decrease in fertility. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change stated, globally, the effects of economic and population growth continued to be the most important drivers of increases in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion (IPCC, 10).


We have definitely come a long way since the industrial revolutions (humans-built airplanes, faster cars, developed remarkable technology and learned how natural resources around us can be used for our benefit. Though, I’m proud to say that we came along with brilliant ideas led to many wonderful inventions and advancements. The science, UN, and the people that are against climate change; demonstrate that the exercises of people are wrecking the world that we live in. There was numerous analysis that has been done in this paper from the plenty of facts cited therein. Deforestation impacts the amount of greenhouse gases. The effects of deforestation are grave. However, it’s not irreversible. Efforts such as managing forest resources and planting new trees too are ways to reduce deforestation’s environmental impact. We have been relying so much on fossil fuels in our daily lives. It damages our Earth tremendously. The causes were; water pollution, emissions, global warming pollution, and ocean acidification, to name a few. Fortunately, we can do things such as increasing our energy efficiency, manage or reduce emissions, and even as individuals; we can prevent this happening by conversing our energy and using public transportation. Together we can stop these myriad issues of climate change. We need to spread the knowledge across the globe that we’re facing something that the damage is irreversible if we don’t act now. Time is the essence; we need to protect and leave a better place for the next generation.


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