An Analysis of Demography as the Scientific Study of Population

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Demography is the scientific study of the population. To have the skill of a demographer is an ability to think criticalanalyzei ze, make forecasts, and study trends. These skills are vital and should be learned by all because if we learn to apply them in our life it will help us understand the reality that we live. Demographers enable us to see the many differences in statistics for things such as race, gender, class, and ethnicity. Hopefully, after we view these statistics we will be able to see the sometimes unfair and unequal percentages that are created by the social structure that we live in.

It’s only after the realization of the harsh realities that we can change them. This is why demography is such an important field. In this paper,l take a look at certain information and deduce a critical analysis of facts in hopes of getting a greater understanding.

The first set of facts we will look at is the comparison of the total black population vs.

the total white population. In New ,York in 1990 there were 10,653,051 whites and 2,805,115 blacks. From this information, we can assume a few things. This shows that in even such a state with one of the most cosmopolitan cities(NYC) most likely there will be more whites seen throughout. With a higher white population there will probably be more white community leaders, and government officials There will be more whites in the workforce. 

The total number of black persons was 2,8 05,115 vs. blacks in rural 53,940 | would deduce that more jobs for blacks in less rural areas.

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I think that this shows that if you are living in a rural area and black you would be less likely to have the want to stay in your rural community if the urban area offers you a higher-paying job in the city.

Total whites 10,653,051 rural whites is 2,732,204. This could offer the idea that if you are white and not in a rural area you have a better lifestyle. You might even have better healthcare treatment and maybe even a longer life expectancy.

The total white rural population was 2,732,704 and the total black population was 53,940. Overall these numbers have shown that whites and blacks have an unequal playing ground and that basically if you are outnumbered there are most likely fewer advantages for that group. This has been seen time and time again throughout demography statistics and is important if you are a sociologist.

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